1 Reason Why The Rising of the Shield Hero Hooked Me In!

1 Reason Why The Rising of the Shield Hero Hooked Me In!

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It’s been a while since I wanted to write about The Rising of the Shield Hero (Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari). I’ve watched the 40-ish minutes’ episode 1 almost a week ago and I liked it, I liked it a lot! In fact, I’m hooked and I plan to watch all of it.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Naofumi Iwatani cool

However, when I wanted to explain why I liked the episode so much, I ended up without many strong reasons. So, I had to think a little bit before writing this post. Fact is, most of the Anime setting comes from known cliches and formulas used in this RPG/Gaming type of Anime shows. This way, it’s difficult to explain why it hooked me more than shows like Goblin SlayerThat Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Merc Storia, among others.

But first let me explain to you what I want to say with cliches, formulas, etc.

In The Surface The Rising of the Shield Hero is Average

The Rising of the Shield Hero cool

Sorry, but there is no other way to put it. First, the setting starts from a generic formula overused in RPGs. 4 people are summoned to a fantasy world as the heroes that have the power to conquer all evil. See… Overused!

In this type of setting, there are some differences. Sometimes they are all mages and each one has the power of a certain elemental, others will have specific weapons like what happens in The Shield Hero. We have a lancer, a swordsman, a shield bearer and an archer… Basically what you normally need when fighting as a party in a game where there are no mages.

The Rising of the Shield Hero the 4 heroes

But, it doesn’t end there. Right afterward, we see that Naofumi Iwatani, our main character is, from the beginning, the weakest link. In fact, after half an episode we see that he is able to go even lower and start his adventure completely from zero while the other heroes have some sort of advantage. It’s the generic Shounen Hero right here! Someone who starts from nothing and is not accepted by others. Normally, these characters will start training hard as hell and become the most powerful ones, which basically is what seems to have been settled on this first episode.

Basically, it’s the combination of what we are used to seeing as a setting from games with also a cliché version of the generic main character from Shounen Anime shows. Moreover, the episode 1 plot and story setting are not perfect.

The Anime will be, probably, above average. So, why did The Rising of the Shield Hero hooked me?

Naofumi Iwatani, The Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero Naofumi Iwatani funny

I think I’m in love! Naofumi is the reason I liked the episode so much! Thank god he is the main character, that means we will be seeing a lot more! There is something about him that really makes the difference. It’s true that in the beginning is a little bit of a moron and the only person who wasn’t able to see he was being played. But, gotta love how naive he is! I mean, he doesn’t even drink alcohol! Even when the girl who he finds hot as hell askes him to do it.

It is also true that his character change is abrupt. But, it does make sense! Moreover, I prefer this darker side of him that the goody-goody who doesn’t say anything and let’s get played by everyone. Although quick, it was satisfying to see him go from total noob to being able to beat 3 guys in an alley by the end of the episode.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Naofumi Iwatani cool

It’s also nice to see that even though he won’t take any bulls**t anymore, he still has his heart in the right place and will do things right… Unless you try to cross him, then he will set you right!

So yeah, for me, the Anime will be different than others because of the main character. It’s true that I’m also interested to see the overall plot, how his shield will become this massive weapon, and all that jazz. However, that is a plot which you can get similar ones by watching other Anime shows. However, a Naofumi Iwatani… there is only one *sigh*.

How About You?

The Rising of the Shield Hero Naofumi Iwatani cute 11

Did you watch The Rising of the Shield Hero episode? What are your thoughts about it? Have you ever have an Anime that shines more just because of a certain character? Tell me all in the comments!

The Rising of the Shield Hero Naofumi Iwatani cute
See You Soon! 😀


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9 thoughts on “1 Reason Why The Rising of the Shield Hero Hooked Me In!

  1. Yes!! I agree a thousand percent with you. Naofumi is my biggest reason for now for coming back. I actually find it kind of nice that it is a generic show to begin with because that way he gets to shine the more. I’m of course curious about the story itself but yeah, Naofumi. *sigh*

  2. My reaction when I read the title: wut. the anime adaptation came out already. Well, it is a new year.
    I have been reading the light novels, and literally just finished the most recent volume a few days ago, but have not watched the episode yet. (I’m too busy! Cries)
    But, yeah. It is a pretty good weak-to -strong. Heh, he might even get stronger that the other heroes! (NOT spoiler, general overviews of the series will say that. I knew when I heard about that. Heck, that is even why I even started reading it. I found out in a review comparing it with another series I’m reading)
    ANYways, it is a pretty good series, not very cliche, and a pretty original plot.
    Thanks for the beautiful review!

    1. Yeah It was supposed to get out 9th of January if my memory is not playing tricks xP but it has a 40 minute episode preair xD

      Being too busy just sucks ? it happens to me and gaming… So much to play and no time at all to do it lokok

      Yeah I’m pretty sure he will! It wouldn’t make sense if he didn’t to be honest haha that’s how Shounen roles xP

      Thank you! Really happy thst you liked it eheh

  3. Honestly, I didn’t like Naofumi when I read the books and I don’t like him watching the anime. I do find his character interesting and I like how he develops, but he’s still not a character I’m actually going to say I like. That said, I am looking forward to more of this anime because if it follows the path of the light novels, it should be quite an interesting series.

    1. Why does that not surprise me? XD We always have different taste in male characters! The same happened with Dakaretai and Junta xD

      That’s nice to hear! I hope you are right! If the story gets better, than this will be a good candidate for the best Anime of the season!

  4. Watched ep 1 a few hours ago (as of this reply) and while I don’t think Naofumi is as dreamy as you think he is, I do admit I’m hooked because I saw myself in him. I didn’t think “abstaining from alcohol” was a particularly unusual thing though…

    …You’ll see my thoughts in more detail when I eventually put up the first post of the new season in a few days, but that’s all I’ll say for now.

    1. Can’t wait to read it eheh I love when people have different opinions than me in a subject! It makes everything more fun!

      Well, maybe it’s a cultural thing… But, for someone as dork who lets himself be played for a girl so easy, it’s strange he didn’t take the wine just so he would impress her 😛

      1. Well, didn’t mention this in the last comment, but prior to ep 1 I had read the first chapter of the manga (it was on CR for free) and that made me stay on my guard for signs Naofumi was going to get tricked when I watched the episode. So it could be a cultural/social thing, sure, but there’s also the fact refusing to drink means he’s avoiding being tricked (even if he’s doing so unintentionally).

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