Bermuda Triangle – Colorful Pastrale is The Perfect Anime For Your Kids!

Bermuda Triangle – Colorful Pastrale is The Perfect Anime For Your Kids!

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Bermuda Triangle – Colorful Pastrale is an Anime which happens underwater. Our main characters are mermaids and they do… Mermaids’ stuff? Well, to be honest, it’s hard to understand what they will do. Nonetheless, from what I saw at the beginning of the episode it will be about idol stuff. So, although the first episode didn’t really show much of that, I’m pretty sure the mermaids will end up becoming idols in some sort of way.

Bermuda Triangle - Colorful Pastrale cute

And that’s it! Review done! There is not really much to talk about besides that… Just kidding… Or, maybe not! Thing is, the first episode did not happen much. The girls just spent the episode around delivering letters, discussing which cake they were going to eat and… Being cute! The climax is when some kind of huge crystal ball appears which ends up having a mermaid inside of it. Curious, right? Well, not really! The village’s elder explains right away that the mermaid inside is the child of her cousin (or something like that) and that mermaids will enter in that stage when they are depressed. After this explanation, conveniently Kano gets out of her shell and becomes one of the group. So, in the end, we have a group of 5 mermaid friends which will become the idol group sooner or later.

It’s Not Like Bermuda Triangle – Colorful Pastrale is Bad, It’s Just For Another Age Group

Bermuda Triangle - Colorful Pastrale Kanon cute 2

If you are 10 or older, you probably will think Colorful Pastrale is bad. Well, it’s true… If we think the Anime was designed for us. There is not much happening and the first episode was just boring… Yes, even more than Pastel Memories.

However, if we think the Anime is for little girls, especially little girls, it’s actually above average. At least, when compared with all the crap I watched when I was young. I can see a little girl just loving watching these cute mermaids trying to decide which cake they should eat. I also can see them become nervous when the dark tide passes, even though it’s just for a second and everything is good right afterward. So, yeah, I think that the show would be nice for little kids.

Bermuda Triangle - Colorful Pastrale Kanon shell

It’s completely harmless and pretty cute! The sound of being underwater which follows the entire episode is also pretty soothing and calming. Moreover, who, besides little kids, will watch someone pouring tea to a cup (underwater) and not finding it strange? Or, for example, the letters being made of paper… I’m pretty sure the letters would just be unreadable underwater… Scrap that, the real question is how the hell were they able to write with any type of paint underwater? Octopus taint perhaps?

Yeah, it’s clearly not an Anime for teenagers + older. It’s a simplistic and a cute fantasy world created for kids. Kids who don’t actually think about how fluids work underwater… So, if you are looking for an Anime to show your children and pass them to the dark side of the Anime fandom, Bermuda Triangle – Colorful Pastrale is one that you can actually implement right when they are aware of their surroundings!

Bermuda Triangle - Colorful Pastrale Fina
See You Soon! 😀


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10 thoughts on “Bermuda Triangle – Colorful Pastrale is The Perfect Anime For Your Kids!

  1. Gonna have to disagree with you there, first of all this show is categorised as PG-13 as per MAL’s designation. Also the majority of people tweeting about the show using the official hashtag (both in English and Japanese) are in the same target audience as the majority of CGDCT/moe/slice of life shows. While yes I agree this show is suitable for children, I don’t think that’s the intended target audeince if we’re going off demographics. Also it has a shonen manga adaptation which is targeted at young teenage boys.

    1. Thanks for the clarification.

      Although I didn’t want to say that the Anime is targeted to children. I probably didn’t explain me correctly, but what I wanted to say is that this show can be good if targeted for a younger audience.

      I don’t know how the manga/Anime is in the fully aspect of it. But, from the first episode I can’t really see the Shounen aspect of it. There is not really much on it that I would say a generic 13 year-old young teenage boy would be interested in.

      I can see the CGDCT aspect of it, although I don’t think it’s the best one and you would be better with other different Anime shows that have come out last season. As I also see the slice of life… Now, Moe… I mean, the target can be whatever the company wants, they are the ones with the numbers and the strategy, but I just didn’t feel much of that.

      When it comes to MAL, I have to say that not always the things are described correctly. Probably not MAL fault, but I’ve gotten Anime shows which genre is not really what the Anime is about, or synopsis seems to talk from a different Anime that I’m watching.

      But, yeah, I understand you and of course I have to agree with you! However, I still think the target should not be younger teenage boys… At least for the Anime show popularity sake 😛

      1. Yeah I don’t think MAL is too reliable of a source but sometimes sadly it’s all we have to go on. But as for the target audience thing some of the most popular shows for boys are ones that people in the West would deem as “for girls” its an unfortunate stereotype to ‘gender’ shows in the first place because it makes boys feel insecure about liking stuff like this.

        P.S. I’m not having a go at you, I know that wasn’t your intention but just remember that there’s many of us out there for whom this is exactly the kind of anime we like to watch–myself included!

        1. Oh I know Matt! 🙂 Thanks for making sure that I don’t misunderstand you XD I’m neither, just trying to give my point of view! 🙂

          I understand what you are saying… And maybe I seemed to be too condescendent in the review? :/ Hopefully not!

          The shows I normally like the most are towards female adults. My favorite Anime is Nana, also considered a girly Anime… I don’t really care what I people watch, or what gender they have.

          But, when I am writing a review of some sort I try to go for the generic masses, which may seem that I’m putting out everyone else who is not inside that target… That’s something I need to change and improve! Thanks for this comment, I don’t think I would actually think about that if nobody pointed out.

          I still need a lot to learn >.<

          1. We’re all learning at this, every day brings a new point of view and a new way to consider things. There’s no right or wrong way to review as long as your honest with your opinions and open to feedback (which you obviously are) then there’s no harm! 🙂

  2. I think of CGDCT as being more like Yuru Camp. They are cute and they actually do something. I got the impression they were cute girls not really doing anything. Cute Girls Just Being Cute.

    1. I try to differentiate between who will actually be watching the anime and who the anime would be best for. I also tend to write my review for the latter. “Yuru Camp” and “Encouragement of Climb” are spectacular anime for young girls to watch even though most of the people who watch it will be neither young nor female.

      1. Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to bring in 2019. Until now I’ve been always giving shows a review through my perspective… However, I also need to take into mind that if the Anime is not for me just because of the genre, doesn’t mean it’s not a good Anime

    2. Yeah, first episode is like that… However, since they will eventually develop for some sort of idol group, it will be probably become CGDCT… Though, I still believe there are way better Anime shows under that genre than this one

      1. I don’t even look at MAL. I go entirely from blogs and sometimes a look at Crunchyroll’s blurb. Sometimes I don’t know that a show is being hyped until I read on someone’s blog that it is.

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