Dimension High School Is So Bad That Is Funny!

Dimension High School Is So Bad That Is Funny!
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Dimension High School first impressions is part of my Ultimate Guide for the 2019 Anime Winter Season. A guide with more than 100 pages with a first impressions to every Anime coming out in the Winter Season. You can get your own here (it’s free!).

Dimension High School technical sheetTitle: Dimension High School (MAL Page)

MAL Score: 4.44

Genres: School

Number of Episodes: 12

Broadcast: Thursdays (JST)

Source: Original

Duration: 24 min. per ep.

Rating: None


Dimension High School is about 4 teenage students who frequent after class. One day, Jumpei, one of the students finds a funny looking rock and decides to take it with him to the class. After a few minutes in class, the rock gains life and tells everyone in the room, the teacher included, that they are the ones who are going to save the world.

With this, the rock transports everyone to a 2D world where everything is devastated. Now, the 5 guys will need to answer a sphinx’s puzzles in order to save the world. If they are not able to do it, one of them will be eaten which translates that the person will lose the thing most dear to them in the real world.


Dimension High School Bad Acting

Well, if you have read the synopsis, that’s basically it. Hmmm, I mean, there is some back story to each character… I guess? So, I’ll just pick on that… Just because I don’t want to deliver a blank review and finish it saying it’s bad, period hahaha.

So, until episode 3 we can say that we are presented by the sphinx arc. I’m sure other “monsters” will appear since there are still 9 more episodes to go… Yaiii… Looking so much forward to it! Ok… scrap that, I just went to the characters tab on Anime-Planet to remember some names and just saw that “other monsters” will just be sphinx in different colours LOL So, yeah, basically it always be the same way!

Well, let’s see, the only backstory we actually have is Yurio and Tsuyoshi friendship. Basically, it seems that Tsuyoshi had a motorcycle accident in the past year and Yurio was the one who saved him. However, even so, Tsuyoshi had to spend a lot of time in the hospital, making him lose one year in school. Well… Surprise, surprise! It was Yurio who messed up with Tsuyoshi’s motorcycle because he wanted to have an opportunity to start a conversation and become friends with him… Yeap, that’s the backstory…

But, don’t worry! When Tsuyoshi gets to know this, he’s completely fine with it since he thought Yurio wanted to stop being friends with him, so it’s cool… I guess?

Anyways, basically, the story is weak. I believe that the story is to focus on the puzzles and not so much what is happening in the background… Though I have to say that most of the puzzles are not something that is for the people at home to figure out… Basically, it’s bad… So bad it makes me laugh!


Dimension High School Yurio and Tsuyoshi

If the story is bad, the characters are probably worse… However, it’s them that makes me laugh so much while watching this show… Just make sure you understand, I laugh because of how stupid this show ends up to be, not because it’s actually funny…

So we have: a teacher who only thinks on money, a straight-A student who thinks is best than anyone, will always show his bright side to the teacher (while licking his shoes at the same time), Yurio, the cute one who is an amateur model in Instagram, Tsuyoshi who is the rebel one and, last but not the least, Jumpei who is… Hmmm… Normal, I guess? There is actually nothing that he stands out… Besides his strange love for plants of course!

Now, these characters are given as face value and they do not really get any kind of evolution throughout these 3 episodes… Even with the motorcycle story… However, I believe that the horrible and over the top acting just makes it even worse. True enough, the real actors are trying to imitate interactions that we often see in Anime… The thing is, in real life, things just do not see as cool, cute, or funny as in anime. So, we end up with acting which is not even close to passing as natural.


Dimension High School sphinx

I don’t really understand much about filming quality. Meaning, I won’t be able to tell you if the photography is good, or if the production is great, or something like that… For me, it just seems something in the below average. But, hey, I’m not a movie/series reviewer, so I don’t really know.

However, what I can say is that the props are horrible! And, the biggest example is the rock who started it all in the live action part of the Anime. Basically, most of the times, it just seems a rock they just found while they were walking to the set and then drew eyes and mouth with a felt pen…

When it comes to the Anime animation, it’s bad. First, everything that is in the “2D” world is designed in 3D (Logic!). And, well, it’s not good 3D. When the characters walk they seem that they have a huge rash somewhere which makes them walk in the strangest ways. Moreover, when the sphinx enters the classroom, she just passes the wall and that’s it. There is no kind of wall destruction or something like that, no… It’s just well… Like you just drew something on top of the wall and that’s it!


Dimension High School Puzzle

As I already said, the acting is terrible, which means that everything the actors say in the live action part does not pass as natural or anything near to that. Though I have to say that when the actors go off-stage and just do the characters’ voice acting is not THAT bad! In fact, the character voice acting is in the average bar.

The intro music is actually nice and fun to listen. It’s upbeat and makes you want to move to it! I mean, at least not EVERYTHING is bad with this one! 😛 The soundtrack during the episodes though is just… Well, non-existent to the most part.

Final Verdict

Dimension High School First Impressions

Well, it’s not as boring as other Anime coming out this season. For example, Pastel Memories actually is able to put me into sleep if I watch it in a comfortable position.

However, Dimension High School ends up being entertaining because of how bad it is! I’m just not able to watch such an over the top acting without laughing! So, yeah… Unless you are like me who actually finds some kind of entertainment in seeing terrible shows, you should just pass this one! It’s bad and doesn’t deserve 20 minutes of your life… Probably not even 5!


Final Score: Bad!


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  1. Yeah, I reviewed episode one of this and thought maybe this could be my bad anime of the season to cover (I usually keep one on the list), but watching episode 2 was just… yeah, no. I could justify putting any more time into this one.

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