Dimension High School Is The Worst Anime Of The Winter Season

Dimension High School Is The Worst Anime Of The Winter Season
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Hello everyone and welcome to our safe shelter! ๐Ÿ™‚

So… I watched the first episode of Dimension High School… There goes 20 minutes of my life I will never get back! In fact, it’s going to be more than 20 minutes since I have the rule of watching at least 3 episodes to do the First Impressions Review for the Ultimate Guide.

I think the first thing I need to disclose is that Dimension High School is an Anime which combines animation and real-life footage. Is that how you call it? Basically, you have a mix of real people and Anime characters. The story is about 4 male students who are doing after time classes and their teacher. One of them finds a rock while going for the class and decides to grab it. However, this is no ordinary rock! I don’t know what it is, but in the middle of the class, it starts talking and levitating.

Dimension High School rock

They decide to throw the rock out from the window, but the rock comes back every single time. In the end, this rock transports all of the characters to an Anime World where they need to answer questions from a random sphinx to save the world, and themselves. If you find this complete nonsense just by reading this, then your mind would be blown if you actually watched it!

Since there are a live-action and an animation part, I’ll just review both of them in separate ๐Ÿ™‚

The Acting Is Terrible!

Dimension High School ridiculous

I don’t know how is the acting and filming industry from Japan. I don’t know if it is good in general or not… I’ve watched Korean Drama, but not really much on the Japanese side. However, from the few I’ve watched, it was not that good. The problem is that the actors will try to replicate scenes and movements from Anime and let me tell you… Although in the Anime looks fine and funny, in the real world just seems plain strange. I do have to say that the few I have watched have been Anime adaptations, so it makes sense they try to go that route.

Well, Dimension High School is like that, but worse! The acting is completely horrible! There is not even once where you feel the actors are inside their character. All of it is just way too over the top and it just made me cringe all over the episode. Let it be the student guy who tries to show that he is a really anti-social person and thinks he’s better than everyone, or when one guy grabs the shoulders of another one and starts pushing him back and forward… Again, something that we are used to watch in Anime and normally is funny, but when in the real world… Not so much.

You can also clearly see that the production value of this is pretty low. I mean, even my High School film project had better production than this. The rock is basically a rock they found anywhere. The eyes and the mouth, well they just painted it with some kind ofย felt pen. Really, it’s ridiculous! The camera shots and angles are also pretty bad… Even if the show is going for the comedic factor, it is just… Ridiculous!

The Animation Is Not Better!

Dimension High School animation

When it comes to the “Anime” itself things do not really get better. First of all, the characters do not resemble the actors at all… Not even in a long shot. The only thing they have in common is the voice which I have to say it’s better than the acting. But, don’t put your highs up, being better doesn’t actually means good.

The animation is 3D and it’s not really that great. It’s one of those where the characters’ movements and expressions just seem off. The characters’ design is not that bad, but yet again, it does not make sense to me not resembling the actors. I mean, of course, they will be different and “cooler” since they are Anime characters, but not even the hair color is the same.

Dimension High School animation

The surroundings also seem a little bland in my opinion. I mean, they are not bad, but it just feels that they could have had more detail to it. However, the things that are there seem alright. Although let’s face it, being the surroundings only a classroom it’s not like they had much to do…

I also can’t actually understand who this Anime is aiming for. On the surface, it seems it’s a kids show… However, since one of the questions is about the Doppler effect, a physics thing that I don’t really know how to explain it, I find it hard to believe a kid will get it. Especially when the actual answers are in English, not Japanese. So, yeah… Probably this is somewhat a way for High School kids to understand difficult subjects they are supposed to study. Though, I have to say that I didn’t get anything they were talking about lol (Fun fact, it’s not the smart student who actually answers the question correctly).

In conclusion, the show is terrible! The only reason I would recommend Dimension High School is for you to laugh due to the ridiculousness this show gives!

Dimension High School funny
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23 thoughts on “Dimension High School Is The Worst Anime Of The Winter Season

  1. Im gonna stay with this series just to see how bad its gonna get. I laughed through the episode because it was all so bad and honestly i think thats the idea behind it, to watch it ironically for the memes

    1. I have to say that thought crossed my mind… But, is it really though? Because when shows go that route normally they bluntly express that, here not so much xD

      But, yeah! I laughed the entirely episode! Every time I thought it couldn’t get worse… It did!

      1. I dont know those first lines of the episode sounded like they were in an ironic voice? Maybe im getting too much from it but i had that impression that it was all ironic since the start

        1. Well, maybe (and hopefully) you are right and I didn’t notice! ๐Ÿ˜› I will try to try to understand it next episode and then come back and tell you ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Lol. I didnโ€™t even last 5 minutes on this show. Its horrible.
    I knew from the opening sequence the acting would be horrible and the animation sucks. Heh.
    Let me tell you though, Japanese Dramas are not as bad as this, its actually good. And yeah, its not as extravagant (production wise) as Kdramas but most of the actors and actresses are really really good. You should try and watch some.

    1. hahaha I can understand why! Well, in the first minute I understood that I was going for something bad, but I wanted to know how bad could this get… In that regarding, I wasn’t disappointed lolol

      Do you have some movie recommendations? I would love to try them out after the craziness of a new season beginning ends ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. This one fortunately did not end up on my final review list of the season, but I’m kind of tempted to watch it anyway just to see how bad it gets. It isn’t so bad it’s good, it is just terrible but there’s curiosity about whether or not they can consistently make something that terrible.

    1. Yeah, basically that’s it! If you end up laughing when you watch things that do not make much sense and are just terrible, I think you can at least watch the first episode… Truth is I ended up laughing because of bad it was ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. hahahah well, if you like bad Anime then you love this one! xD To be fair though, it actually made me laugh in some scenes… Not that it was their objective, but well… That’s what you get when you do something so bad >.<

    1. Just watched it! As an Anime, Virtual-San is horrible. However, since it’s more of a Youtube project which brings together virtual channels from Youtube who are poupular in Japan I give it some slack.

      I still need to look more into it, but the idea I got is that the scenes are submitted by Youtubers themselves, which explains many problems the episode have.

      Nonetheless, there is a very good aspect to it which is the voice acting. The voices are given by the Youtubers who give the voice to the character on their channel and most of them are pretty good. If you close your eyes and forget about what’s happening on the screen, the voice is actually pretty good ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. I haven’t seen those, but I think they are parodies. MST3K is different because the characters in that show are watching *other* movies while mocking them.

          2. Oooh, yeah then it’s a different concept. These are just movies who pick other movies and make the story around them in a parody style

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