Domestic na Kanojo, a Melodrama done right?

Domestic na Kanojo, a Melodrama done right?

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Domestic na Kanojo technical sheetTitle: Domestic na Kanojo (MAL Page)

English Title: Domestic Girlfriend

MAL Score: 7.60

Genres: Romance, Drama, Shounen

Number of Episodes: Unknown

Broadcast: Saturdays (JST)

Studios: Diomedea

Source: Manga

Duration: 25 min. per ep.

Rating: PG-13


Natsuo Fujii, a normal teenager, is in love with his teacher, Hina. However, even so, when a girl of his age askes him to have sex with him after being together in a mixer, he decides to accept. Only to regret it afterward.

Some days later, he gets to know that his father is going to remarry and they are going to move in with his new wife and daughters. Natsuo feels happy for his father until he ends up knowing that his new step-sisters are Rui and Hina. In other words, the who he lost his virginity to and the teacher that is in love with.


Domestic na Kanojo Hana and Natsuo

For the ones who don’t know, I’m Portuguese. This means that I’ve grown up with all type of Portuguese and Brazilian melodramatics soap operas as background noise. This way, you can think about all of the crazy plots and I’ve probably have watched it. From siblings that were separated when they were born, to people who are though as dead after a plane crash just to show up many years later due to long amnesia, to all kinds of relationships you can think of.

Basically, you can say that, for me, Domestic na Kanojo does not bring anything new to the table. Nevertheless, even that way it could be a good story… Even being a melodramatic Anime where things don’t really make sense and probably wouldn’t happen in real life. But, truth is, the story plot is not really that great.

The number of random coincidences happening so that the plot is able to happen is way too over the top. Here are some examples, the girl who Natsuo meets in the mixer being the teachers’ sister. His father marrying the mother of the two girls who he has some kind of romantic relationship. His best friend overhearing his teacher talking with her boyfriend, letting him know that she is a mistress in the coffee shop he works… Can you see the amount of coincidences used so that the plot thickens?

They are way too many! The characters end up just being thrown one place to another, where every each decision they do will end to be a bad one. This kind of setting just makes me to not care about the characters or the story at all! It’s not that the character is doing terribly choices all the time, it’s just that everything they do will end up coming back to them and bite them in the arse!


Domestic na Kanojo Hana

At least, the characters are somewhat complex! Natsuo Fujii feeling regret after losing his virginity to Rui is one example of that.

The 3 main characters have good and bad traits where depending on what is happening they will be the good or the bad guy. Natsuo is this teenager which, as many like him, ends up falling for the idea that sex is great and that you need to have it while on High School without thinking about the consequences. However, at the same time, he is able to show deep concern both for Rui and Hana.

Rui who ends up being this more cold, analytical girl who does not really show much emotion for anything, ends up also showing a side of her who is grieving for acceptance from her colleagues. Moreover, while she does seem to have everything figured out, it’s a fact that she feels at a loss when it comes to her sister being in a bad relationship.

When it comes to Hana, well she just has a lot in her plate and it’s easy to see that her mind is completely all over the place. Because of her difficult relationship, she ends up doing all kind of mistakes such as jumping on top of a minor, Natsuo, like she was going to have sex with him, just to ask herself what she is doing right afterward.

It’s true that the characters are somewhat interesting. However, due to the over the top plot I just can’t really connect with anyone. Things end up being so out of reality, that I just can’t feel sad for any of them.


Domestic na Kanojo intro

The animation is good! Or at least, is what you can expect from a 2019 Anime. Being this a romantical, drama type of Anime it’s normal that there are is not much movement. I mean, most of the episodes’ time are spent in conversation, something that is normal and ok for this type of Anime.

It’s also nice that they changed things a little bit. If you have read my post about episode 1 you know that I discussed that I would like to have more “artistic” close-ups than just have faces’ close-ups all the time. Well, I’m pretty sure the creators haven’t read that post, but it’s nice to see that they followed this route. It just makes the episode more interesting and pretty to look up.

Nevertheless, it’s not something really that special or extremely good… It’s just average! For example, it’s not at the same level as the Bakemonogatari series. Something that it’s a shame since the intro animation is actually pretty nice!


Domestic na Kanojo Rui

I love the intro music! In fact, it’s probably in the top 5 of this season. It starts in this very calm and serious tone that gives me the feeling of someone being trapped. Then, it develops to a more strong and rock-ish tone which gives me the vibe that the person who was traped just can’t take it anymore and it’s fighting to get free!

The voice acting is also good, but I believe there are some parts that need some work on. Most of the background noise/sound effects are just too low which do not really give the vibe of the scene. Moreover, in my opinion, the show should have more music on the background when the serious scenes are happening. I mean, we all know that music always helps to make our feelings come out 😛

Final Verdict

Domestic na Kanojo Rui sad

To be honest, I believe Domestic na Kanojo is a little overrated. Although it’s not bad, it isn’t great either! When it comes to an Anime with the genres that Domestic Girlfriend has, one of the most important parts for it to be good is the story. Something that, with all the coincidences and whatnot, just does not create a great impact on me. I believe that, if you like this kind of genre, an Anime like Nana would be way more worth your time.

Nevertheless, if you feel that you have watched everything there is when it comes to dramatic Shoujo, be my guest and try this one out! Reality is, many people are liking the Anime, so maybe it’s just me who feels things do not really add up xD

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4 thoughts on “Domestic na Kanojo, a Melodrama done right?

  1. Average seems right for this one. I’m having fun with it but it certainly isn’t amazing. I think the characters have so far managed to carry it for me even though the plot is relying heavily on coincidences. Though, I agree about the music. The OP is my favourite of the season.

  2. Not a bad anime but everything seems too contrived. What amazes me is all the brouhaha about Natsuo and Hina getting together. And then they scream RAPE when he tries (and fails) to kiss her when she’s in a drunken stupor. Out of line? Yeah. Rape? Not by a million miles.

    OTOH nobody raises an eyebrow at an alcoholic teacher who’s mind is so fried she forgets there’s guys in her new family and walks out into the living room with next to nothing on. Later she collapses onto the sofa (in the aforementioned stupor) after lamenting that her new lil step bro wasn’t old enough to get drunk too. And even later she forces herself on top of her own lil step bro as if she’s about to rape him. And she’s having an affair with a married man to boot.

    Amazing how some people can be triggered by a firecracker while ignoring a hand grenade.

  3. I was expecting more from this, but it’s definitely as average as it can get so far. I’d even say slightly below after having seen 10 eps of it. I think I just really loathe the male protag lol.

    1. I just watched 3 episodes of it… But yeah, if nothing new really comes and it just drags this type of plot throughout all season, then I have to say it’s a below average…

      loool yeah, he is not the most interesting character…

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