Doukyonin wa Hiza is Freaking Cute!

Doukyonin wa Hiza is Freaking Cute!

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More than half of the Anime shows coming out this Winter Season already aired. Although it does not seem a very strong season, it is also not a terrible one. Today I want to talk about episode 1 of Doukyonin Wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama No UeΒ (that’s a huge name) which in English is translated to My Roommate is a Cat!

Doukyonin wa Hiza funny moment

Doukyonin Wa HizaΒ is about a very particular novelist. He is a loner and hates to be around people. Not because he has social anxiety, at least it is not pointed out that away, but because when is around many people he isn’t able to hear his thoughts. The episode begins with his editor pressuring him to get a new idea for a new book. Subaru still has no idea what he should write about, but while walking home he finds a stray cat. The moment he sees him, inspiration strikes him! He decides that he will write a story with a cat asΒ the killer. For research purposes, he decides to bring Haru, the cat, home, but he may just have brought more than he wanted.

Overall Review

Doukyonin wa Hiza Haru cute

The freaking cat is just so… Freaking cute!!!! That’s it! You don’t need to know more than that! Go on and have fun watching!

Ok, just kidding! It is true that the cute factor was what hooked me in. But, the show offers a little more like that. Throughout the first part of the episode, we are able to see Subaru (and the viewers) trying to understand some of Haru’s behaviors. Some examples are Haru letting food at the room’s door while Subaru is working, scratching the door like crazy and going nuts when Subaru puts food in the trash.

Doukyonin wa Hiza Haru trash funny

And, to be honest, until there it is already pretty good! I mean, Miira no Kaikata just delivers cuteness and is a good Anime! However, in the second half of the episode, things change. You watch some of the same scenes again, but from a different perspective, Haru’s perspective.

It’s hilarious how Subaru is completely misreading his cat! Moreover, if Haru was already cute while watching it through Subaru’s mind, he becomes even cuter when we see Haru’s actual thoughts.

The first episode is able to deliver everything that you can expect from a Slice of Life Anime. You will get some relaxing moments, funny scenes and, of course, cute interactions between Subaru and his new pet!


Doukyonin wa Hiza Haru cute

If you are into cuteness, then this is a much watch. I can’t say that I like Subaru that much at this point. However, but Haru is more than worth it! Of course, this is only the first episode and I will need to watch a couple more to be able to do my first impressions. But, for now, it seems promising!

Doukyonin wa Hiza Haru mafia
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7 thoughts on “Doukyonin wa Hiza is Freaking Cute!

  1. I didn’t add this to my list initially, but reading that it’s cute that you even mentioned Miira no Kaikata (I loooved this one!) for example, I can’t just let this pass! ? Thanks for the review!

    1. I still need some time to actually like the writer character to be honest! But… The cat, is just so freaking cute! It’s like watching Miira no Kaikata… I just watched it because of Mii-kun and I don’t regret one bit! Time well spent πŸ˜€

      1. A lot of people didn’t really like the writer character but I just had one of those instant connections with a character moments so I’m really looking forward to more of this one. Hopefully it ends up being interesting and they don’t run out of ideas.

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