Girly Air Force, You Can Do Better!

Girly Air Force, You Can Do Better!

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Girly Air Force first impressions is part of my Ultimate Guide for the 2019 Anime Winter Season. A guide with more than 100 pages with a first impressions to every Anime coming out in the Winter Season. You can get your own here (it’s free!).

girly air force technical sheetTitle: Girly Air Force (MAL Page)

MAL Score: 6.13

Genres: Military, Sci-fi, Action

Number of Episodes: 12

Broadcast: Thursdays (JST)

Studios: Satelight

Source: Light Novel

Duration: 23 min. per ep.

Rating: PG-13


Girly Air Force happens in a reality where monsters called Zai appeared suddenly. Although Monsters, these Zai appear to be “normal” aircraft. In order to defend itself, humanity created a fighting aircraft called “daughters” with the resemblance of teenage girls. These daughters fight with an automatic mechanism called “Anima” created especially for them which will operate as like it can read their minds.

Kei Narutani is a teenage boy who had to flee his country, China, because of the Zai. Moreover, his own mother was shut down by Zay. Growing up close to airplanes and aircraft, Kei thinks the best way to give something good to the world is to join the army and fight Zei. He ends up joining in, but not for the reason he was expecting.


girly air force gripen

I can’t understand how Girly Air Force has such a good score in MAL. I believe the story is a little over the place and can’t actually point a specific genre. If you think of it as sci-fi, I have to say that until episode 3 is very underwhelming. If you go to the route of cute girls, or even romance, it continues to be underwhelming… You could even think that it’s the action that the Anime has to offer, but even on that note, it just doesn’t have enough scenes…

First, let’s start with the beginning of the story and the construction of the setting. Kei is leaving the country and his boat is attacked by Zei. Gripen, one of the daughters end up appearing to save everyone. However, she ends up to land in the sea. Kei goes to the aircraft to see if the person needs help, the cockpit opens, Gripen kisses him in the lips and falls asleep.

Ok… Strange, but gullible. However, from there, the next scene is already him in Japan. No explanation of what happens in between. Ok… Maybe it gets betters. Well, some minutes more in the episode and by the goddess of fortune, there is an army camp on the city Kei is living, and of course, Gripen ends up to be brought to this facility (while Kei ends up seeing it).

Now, I don’t like when creators use a tremendous amount of occasional factors to make the plot rolling. For me, it’s just lazy writing. From there, things just get worse. It seems that Kei and Gripen have the same brain wavelength and because of that, Kei is hired to stay near Gripen, so she is able to be awake for a larger amount of time… She even receives the order he can do anything he wants with her. It’s just… Mind-boggling. But, the truth is, nothing actually major happens, neither the action is that good.


girly air force characters

Is it too bad that I say that I don’t have much to tell about the characters? Truth is, nothing comes to mind.

Gripen is one of those girls who has not experienced anything outside what she is intended to do. In order words, she is one of those characters that are completely oblivious to everyday life outside an army camp. Because of this, when she is able to go on a “date” with Kei around town, it’s like a new world to her.

There are some parts that I don’t understand though. In many scenarios, Gripen does not show many feelings. Something that makes sense since she is a machine. However, at the same time, she is able to feel scared, write a very meaningful letter to Kei and other small things that means she has to be able to have feelings. So, I can’t really understand where the character stands. But, if she does have feelings, I just can’t pass without asking, how is it intelligent to make a machine that will fight all of its existence and see so much death and sorrow? Of course, that won’t bring good news.

When it comes to Kei, well, I’m not really sure about him either. I think you can like him, sure… But, in my opinion, is just a little bit of a bland character who doesn’t have what it takes to be interesting enough to be the main character. Of course, this is something that may change. But, for now, his cousin, Minghua is way more interesting to follow, even if she is only a background character.


girly air force aircraft stunt

The animation is pretty good though. Very polished and very bright, it’s one of those Anime shows that will give you a nice warm feeling of being in the middle of the summer. However, that’s not the main aspect of the Anime and I believe that most of the future episodes will be focused on air fights… At least I hope so since that’s the main plot of the series.

When it comes to the battle animation, is also nicely done. Way more over the top versus Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai since the aircraft is way more high-tech and present electrical colours. The aircraft movement is great though. However, until this point, there have not been that many aircraft fights to talk much about it. You have the first one at the beginning of the first episode and you have one scene by the end of the third episode which has around 2 (maybe 3) minutes.

So, yeah, overall the animation is nicely done.


girly air force gripen cute

I don’t like the intro music. It has a more electrical beat in the background which could work because of the main theme’s subject. However, the vocals are way too soft and the music ends up just falling apart. In other words, the music should be more upbeat and make you dance, but it’s more like “meh”. Like the story itself, it just doesn’t seem to know what kind of genre should go.

The voice acting is well done and blends well with the story and what is happening. You really don’t sense the studio effect at all. When it comes to the background music, or soundtrack, well… It’s there. Most of the times it just feels like cheezy music that you would find in an aerospace fighting game. Nothing to be praised… At all.

Final Verdict

girly air force gripen and kei cute

The only thing that Girly Air Force has to offer is its animation. All the rest is just below the average. The story is not interesting, the characters are just there and not really that rememberable and the music is also… Meh.

If you are trying to understand if the Girly Air Force is for you because of the aircraft battles, I would say you to try Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai.

If it’s only for the cute girls, Endro~! or Manaria Friends would be more interesting.

If it’s for the romance, and that’s reaching a lot, just go with Domestic na Kanojo if you want a more adult appeal, Love is War if want the comedic factor.

In conclusion, I just can’t advise you to waste your time watching an Anime which is just below average. Especially when there are so many other Anime shows out there way better than this one.

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