Is Circlet Princess the Fan Service Savior of Winter Season?

Is Circlet Princess the Fan Service Savior of Winter Season?

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Damn, can’t believe today is the day where I finish my first episode reviews! I would love to say that I’m gonna finish it strong, but I’m afraid not. My line-up for today is Circlet Princess (right now) and Virtual-San wa Miteiru coming out later… So, not a strong finish at all.

To write this first episode review, I went back and looked at all the posts I’ve been publishing during the last couple of weeks. Strangely enough, I realized that this Winter Season 2019 is pretty weak when it comes to fanservice. I mean, there are some shows out there which have cute girls doing cute things. But, when it comes to those camera angles that some people love… Well, the only one I can remember is Pastel Memories which, if you remember my post, does fanservice very poorly.

Circlet Princess Chikage Fujimura statue

This way, for the fanservice lovers, Circlet Princess is probably your best shot! The show is an adaptation of a role-playing browser game with the same name. The story centers in cute and good looking girls fighting each other in virtual arenas as a sport called Circlet Bout (CB).

Yuuka Sasaki, our main character, ends up in the middle of a match with the one of the best fighters in Japan, Chikage Fujimura. Although her first battle ever (like EVER) she ends up fighting very well and fall in love with the sport. Because of this, she decides to go to the Highschool where this sport was invented. However, contrary to what she thought, the Circlet Bout club has ended for ages.

The Story Is… Well… A Mess

Circlet Princess Chikage Fujimura

Let’s make this straight, the first episode setting is just a mess. First, we have someone who has never fought in their life going into a Circlet Bout fight with one of the best fighters in Japan and actually making a good job. Chikage Fujimura, who seems to be undefeated and able to win against everyone with her eyes closed, ends up to have to use a super powerful secret technique against a complete noob. I mean, when does something like that happen?

Yeah, it’s true you can argue that Yuuka has a natural vocation for Circlet Bout. But, even so, being a sport, and not an easy one, how the hell is she so well physically prepared? I’m sorry, it doesn’t make sense.

Circlet Princess CB

Second, how the hell does Yuuka go to an Academy without doing her homework? I understand she read they were the ones who started CB, but since that’s the only reason she is applying to that school, wouldn’t make sense to look more about it? Even if she was certain about it… Since she seems quite obsessed with the sport, she would at least read things about the club to see who was in it and how good the club was purely out of excitement. But, no… It’s Anima Yell! all over again.

But, well… That’s really not why people will want to go and watch this Anime… I think? Cute girls, nice breast and tight clothes… That’s probably why someone would be interested in Circlet Princess. That or if you actually play the game.

The Savior Of Fanservice In This Winter Season

Circlet Princess Yuuka Sasaki

The thing I like the most about Circlet Princess is how the fanservice blends so well with the scenes happening. Contrary to Pastel Memories which throws boobs at you right in your face, in Circlet Princess it actually makes “sense” the scenes you are watching.

For example, since Yuuka ends up being confused by another person when she is pulled to do the CB fight, the fighting clothes are tight. Of course, this is done so we can get a better view of her body figure. However, it’s something that could happen… It also could happen the other way around, but well, it’s something that is actually believable.

Then, we also have a locker room scene where Miyuki Kasahara is getting out of the shower. Again, it makes sense she comes out only with her towel while talking to her best friend, Ayumu Aizawa. We do get a very good angle while Miyuki is dressing her panties though.

Circlet Princess fan service

Last, but not least, the fighting gear is also sexy. It does not overexposure our female characters, but it’s good enough to show their figures and their tights.

So, yeah, although I’m not really that into fanservice, I have to say this is probably the best you are going to get this Winter Season. If you like fanservice, cute girls and a little more “sassy” camera angles, this show is a good one for you to try out.

If on the other hand, you are looking for a good story, I think you should just pass this! Of course, only one episode is not enough to talk about the overall story. But, from episode 1, it did not seem it is going to have a strong plot.

Circlet Princess Yuuka Sasaki fan service
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