Is The Promised Neverland The Best Anime of The 2019 Winter Season?

Is The Promised Neverland The Best Anime of The 2019 Winter Season?
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The Promised Neverland first impressions is part of my Ultimate Guide for the 2019 Anime Winter Season. A guide with more than 100 pages with a first impressions to every Anime coming out in the Winter Season. You can get your own here (it’s free!).

The Promised Neverland Technical sheet

Title: Yakusoku no Neverland (MAL Page)

English Title: The Promised Neverland

MAL Score: 8.69

Genres: Horror, Suspense, Mystery

Number of Episodes: 13

Broadcast: Fridays (JST)

Studios: CloverWorks

Source: Manga

Duration: 22 min. per ep.

Rating: Unknown


At Grace Field House there is a family composed of various orphans and a kind “Mama” who cares for them. Although they have to do rigorous tests on a daily basis, afterward they can go and play on the huge fields around the house. Moreover, by the age of 12 (maximum), every orphan is adopted. Basically, a good place to live in.

There is only one rule, do not pass the gate which leads to the outside of the orphanage. However, one day, Emma and Norman, two of the oldest and smartest orphans around, trespass that gate and they find a terrible secret and discover that their lives are at risk.


The Promised Neverland emma and norman dark

It’s difficult to talk about the story without making any spoilers for episode 1. This way, I’m sorry, but I will have to enter in spoiling territory… Though it’s only for the first episode… So, can we really call it a spoiler?

The secret that Norman and Emma find is that all of the orphans are being prepared to be sold as meat. Basically, the orphanage is not actually an orphanage, but a slaughterhouse for kids with A-grade meat on their bones. The reason they all get to be “adopted” by the age of 12, it’s because kids are one of the delicacies to the monsters lurking in the world. This means that the oldest they can get without being killed is 12.

I believe that the premise is very interesting. It’s something I’ve never seen before, using kids as the meat supply for an alien species who live in our world is a very good start to have a good horror Anime. For now, it seems the Anime will be about the main characters trying to outsmart their mama and be able to flee with everyone else living in the orphanage.


The Promised Neverland emma cute

The 3 main characters are very well achieved. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses which means that a running plan will only succeed if they work together. Emma is the most physically capable, but she is way too naive. Norman is the smartest but has a “frail” body. Last, but not the least, Rei seems to be the most balanced, but he works on an impulse, making him quick to stop anything he starts.

They do a great trio and it’s entertaining and interesting to follow them while they try the best the best plan to run away. Entertaining and cute! Yes, all of the 3 are actually pretty cute to watch. I mean, they are 12 years-old after all!


The Promised Neverland Emma and Norman scared

The animation is probably one of the best of this Winter Season. First, and foremost, the difference between false peaceful scenes and the more intense ones are very well executed. If in one hand we have cute little kids just running and jumping around, on the other hand, we have kids with horror spread on their faces.

Moreover, when it comes to the movement it is also extremely well made. There are some scenes where the kids are running around where there is a little more “action” and the animation is the smoothest you can get.

When it comes to the environment itself, again, it’s very well animated and detailed. In fact, it just makes me want to live in that house… I mean, if there was no-one trying to eat me of course!


The Promised Neverland Ray cool

The intro music is awesome! Does it give you that horror, suspense, vibe? Well, not really! However, the music is just so cool! It’s one of those songs that just makes me want to dance and sing while the intro is rolling! 😛 You can listen to it here!

When it comes to voice acting it is also do exceptionally well done! There is not really much more to be said, it’s flawless!

Regarding the soundtrack, is not so much about the soundtrack itself, but about the lack of it! There are many scenes where there is nothing more than the voices of the characters and sound effects happening. For a suspense kind of Anime, it works wonders! It makes you focused on what is happening while at the same time holding your breath, scared that something is going to happen.

Final Verdict

The Promised Neverland emma cute

The Promised Neverland is a must watch to most of the Anime fans. Everything is done very well and there is nothing bad to say about it. In fact, it’s a very strong contestant for the best Anime of the Winter Season. Of course, to know for sure, we will have to wait until the end, but for now, is in the front of the race.

The only reason I wouldn’t recommend you to watch it is if you completely hate anything horror/suspense related! Meaning, even if it’s not your favorite genre, but it’s something that you are ok watching now and then, you should try it out and see for yourself if it’s a good Anime for you to follow! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Is The Promised Neverland The Best Anime of The 2019 Winter Season?

  1. This is definitely one I’ve enjoyed this season so far and is my pick so far for anime of the season (though there’s plenty of possibilities for it to fall apart). Still, I’ve really enjoyed the direction for this anime so far and that smart direction with the visuals paired with a fairly interesting set up and some great characters, not to mention being a genre I really like, has really helped hook me and so far I’ve really loved each episode (though the third episode introduced a few minor issues that hopefully the anime can overcome).

    1. Well, I’m not entirely sure… I’m also loving the Rising of The Shield Hero… But yeah, I think it’s going to be one of those that will be my anime of the season!

      Completely agree with you! Finally, us horror and suspense lovers get a good quality Anime! 😛 Which minor issues? I’m trying to remember and can’t come up with any xD

        1. Ooooh I get you! I actually liked it… It’s basically a messed up character having a messed up monologue… Something you are used to when watching horror. To be honest, I thought quite well executed. However, because of the intro I thought she was going to be one of the good guys haha

    2. I usually don’t get into horror type shows and left this in my bookmarks for long time before watching. All I can say is I am glad I did. The first season of this anime was a masterpiece I will never regret watching. Can’t wait for season 2. Anyone not sure to watch this or not, just watch the first 2 ep’s and I’m sure you won’t regret it. But be warned, if you don’t like shedding tears, this might not be for you. Don’t take that the wrong way though because sometimes the tears are also happy ones.

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