Meiji Tokyo Renka, A Reverse Harem With An Interesting Plot????

Meiji Tokyo Renka, A Reverse Harem With An Interesting Plot????
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Hello everyone and welcome to our place! 🙂

How is everyone doing? I fell I haven’t asked you this for some time now. Are you well? Trying to have your head above water with all these new Anime to watch? Well, that makes two of us! Now that I’m actually doing it, the idea of reviewing all first episodes coming out this Winter Season does seem to be a little crazy!

But, well, for all of us, including myself, I bring to you a reverse harem which actually picked my interest! Can you believe it? I thought Ouran Highschool would be the only one, but no… Meiji Tokyo Renka actually seems to be somewhat gullible.

Meiji Tokyo Renka Mei as a kid

Meiji Tokyo Renka is a reboot (?) of the movies Meiji Tokyo Renka Movie 1: Yumihari no Serenade and Meiji Tokyo Renka Movie 2: Hanakagami no Fantasia. I will save you some time and tell you to not look the movies up. It seems they were never subbed or dubbed. So, unless you know Japanese, I would say for you to go with the Anime series that is coming out right now.

The story is about a girl who is a loner because she can see (and talk) with spirits (unfortunately, she doesn’t have a Nyanko-sensei). However, one night, a magician makes her to be part of his trick, a trick that will make a person disappear. She ends up inside the box and, when she wakes up, she has been transported back in time to Japan’s Meiji Era.

It May Not Be The Best, But We Begin With an Interesting Start

Meiji Tokyo Renka Mei inside the box

It’s funny how the beginning of the episode just seems it’s gonna be a strong story. Everything starts with Mei, our main character, explaining her past and how she ended up alone. If you have watched Natsume, it’s the same concept. Moreover, it’s interesting to see that the creators thought in each detail. In this case, Mei walks around with headphones playing loud music so she can’t hear the “ghosts”. Basically, I would say the beginning is pretty beautiful and just a nice start.

Then, she is transported to the past and, right from the bat, appears one of the handsome guys who I suppose will be around her all the time. He is handsome, probably not the most handsome for me though. I just love the magician way too much! Alas, here is when the reverse harem factor appears… One of those frozen scenes where the guy is helping her with cheesy music playing in the background. But, it’s a small evil for what this show promises.

Meiji Tokyo Renka romantic

Afterward, we get to meet all (I think) of the other guys and the tone of the Anime is settled. If it begins with this serious atmosphere, it ends in a funnier note like Mei preferring Roasted Beef to beautiful men. Which I can understand and actually relate!

At the same time, in the Medjai Era, it seems there are more people who have the ability to see spirits. So, in this case, I believe Mei will learn about accepting herself while passing time with handsome guys. What can someone ask for more, am I right?


Meiji Tokyo Renka Mei headphones

In the end, contrary to what I thought, Meiji Tokyo Renka seems to be very promising. I don’t really mind spending my time watching cute boys. But, truth is, only that doesn’t suffice to make me watch an Anime. So, it’s pretty awesome to see that the Anime presents a nice plot line that, if well done, can be very interesting… Even with the cheesy moments…

Meiji Tokyo Renka magician
See You Soon! 😀


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7 thoughts on “Meiji Tokyo Renka, A Reverse Harem With An Interesting Plot????

  1. I’m not holding a lot of hope for this one. It reminded me too much of Sengoku Night Blood from last year that had a potentially interesting story and then really did nothing with it. That said, I’m going to watch this and I’d really like it if they developed the plot because it could be quite interesting.

    1. Hmmm that’s a bad omen. I haven’t watched Sengoku Night Blood, but I can understad what you are saying… Well, the source is a video game, probable an otome one… So, I’m pretty sure they will focus in the relationships a lot :/

  2. I wasn’t sure about this title myself as a potential to watch this year from watching the trailer. But I live for reverse harem trash wohooo !! So we have a girl going through time to meet these handsome men and I believe there was singing in this as well during the trailer. It will get watched this year when it’s finished airing but series sounds like a fun time ??

    1. hahahaha! Well, by the end of the season I will be able to give more entail about it since I’ll be watching this one until the end and thinking on doing a full review haha

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