Nico is now a 12-Year-Old Princess at Egao No Daika!

Nico is now a 12-Year-Old Princess at Egao No Daika!

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I just don’t understand the schedule this Anime winter season! I… Just don’t! We had ManariaĀ Friends airing way earlier than Winter Season started, then we haveĀ Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari pre-airing and, Boogiepop decides to go with 2 episodes instead of 1 in its airing day… Finally, an Anime that goes with the “normal” schedule! I’m not saying is a bad thing though! What Anime loverĀ can actually say anything bad about having more Anime to watch? Well… It depends on the Anime now that I think about it xD

Nevertheless the schedule, Egao No Daika has started and here I am to discuss the first episode of the Anime where Nico from Love LifeĀ isĀ reborned as a 12-year-old princess of a futurist world. I mean, the similarity is just too big to not see it! But, besides this character design, for someone who does not really have strong feelings about either cute princesses or robots, I have to say the episode was pretty strong.

If you don’t really know nothing about what I’m talking about here’s MAL Synopsis.

The Architecture is Just Great!

Egao no Daika architecture

Starting with the animation, we can see that the creators are not here to play, they are here to win. First, and the foremost the futuristic architecture and environment is breath-taking! I just loved all of it! It’s one of those worlds where I just want to live there! Being it the buildings’ structure or the design in the interior, the idea is, the bigger the better. This way, we are able to see enormous rooms with really high ceilings which makes you remember actual castles from the past. On the other hand, if you look to the buildings from outside, it just gives the high-tech vibe. Really, the main building just seems to be something similar to Sidney Opera House. This combined with being on top of water, it’s just… Beautiful!

The character design is also pretty nice. Contrary to what I was expecting, besides Yuuki being very similar to Nico and therefore, cute (as all 12-year-old Anime girls tend to be), it’s actually nice to see that not all characters in Egao no Daika follow this cuteness path. I have to say there is not one character design that I didn’t like being my favoriteĀ Joshua, the over-protective 15-year-old Yuuki’s guardian, and childhood friend.

Egao no Daika joshua handsome

As you know, I’m not really into mecha or big robots. I just don’t find them appealing visual wise. However, this time I found myself appreciating the robots aesthetics. It is true that their design is pretty simple, but I loved the strong colors. Talking about strong, vibrant colors, that is something that is present throughout the episode. However, contrary to other Anime shows which go this route, it is not too much… It’s just, right!

In the end, animation wise I have to say that Egao No DaikaĀ is doing almost everything right. I did feel that the robots’ movement could be a little better.

The Setting Went Somewhere I Wasn’t Expecting

Egao no Daika blue robot

Episode 1 of Egao no Daika focused on presenting the characters as also the relationship between Joshua and Yuuki. It also presented the world itself. In this case, we are in a place where humans are in fact the aliens which is something different. However, besides Yuuki’s kingdom, we still had not the chance to see if the other kingdoms will be somewhat from different species… It would be nice if they were though.

Nonetheless, there are some strange parts of it. In the first episode, Yuuki turns 12-year-old which means she is now considered old enough to run a country which for me is a little mind-boggling. Then there is the robots’ fight, which is a simulation fight happening in Japan as we know it today. For me, it just came out from nowhere! I was just expecting this to be a cute kind of Anime and ends up having mecha in there. And, let’s not forget that Yukki ends up helping Joshua from the operations room and ends up showing that she is actually a good strategist.

Basically, the Anime seems to promise more than I expected and that’s great! Though, to be honest, at this moment there is still not really a clear path where the Anime plot will go. Nevertheless, I will be happy just by watching Joshua and Yuuki relationship developing. But, it does seem that it will be more interesting than that.

In Conclusion

Egao no Daika princess Yuuki cute

Egao no Daika started with a strong episode 1. And, although I don’t know if I bite this 12-year-old princess who seems like Nico from Love Life, the truth is the remaining characters seem to be interesting. Moreover, let’s face it, who doesn’t like a cute princess who has the heart in the right place and tries to do her best?

What about you? Did you already watch Egao No Daika first episode? What do you think about it? Tell me everything in the comments!

Egao no Daika princess yuuki waving
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2 thoughts on “Nico is now a 12-Year-Old Princess at Egao No Daika!

  1. This one I’m kind of cautious about. The cute princess wanting everyone to smile isn’t something I’m overly interested in, but as you said, the episode offered quite a bit more so there’s some really potentially interesting plots that might be explored. I’m definitely sticking with it for now though.

    1. I’m with you know… But, when the huge cute is going to done (for me is after episode 3) I’m inclined to say this one will just be pushed to the side. It will depend a lot in how this develops in the next episodes

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