Revisions, a 3D Anime Ahead of The Game!

Revisions, a 3D Anime Ahead of The Game!

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Is it just me, or 3D is becoming more and more used in Anime? From the last season, I can only remember Himote House going this way. However, this winter season we have around 4-5 Anime shows going that route. Heck, I even wrote a post not so long about if W’z it is showing us 3D is the way to go. Revisions comes and gives us one more 3D Anime.

But, here’s a thing, although W’z shows a lot of promise when it comes to backgrounds, there are still many parts of the Anime that feels off. Truth is, 3D Anime shows end up being overall average, or just plain horrible. Mostly because of the characters’ movement and the cross between the 2D with 3D. But, not with Revisions.

Revisions Daisuke Doujima inside the robot

Revisions is an Anime about 5 friends which, in the past, one of them gets kidnapped as a child. The kids end up being helped by a strange girl called Milo. In that night, she tells Daisuke Doujima that he will be the protector and savior of all his friends one day. This conversation stays with him until Highschool transforming him into this paranoid guy who is always “saving” his friends from something.

This overprotective situation makes his friends to push him away and, on the night they receive a message saying that tomorrow is going to be the day that everything will change, they decide it’s the last straw. On the next day, they make an intervention. However, the problem is that Daisuke was not the one sending the message and some minutes later the earth trembles… Changing everything.

3D Animation

Revisions Daisuke Doujima attack

Revisions is full on 3D! Something that scares away many Anime lovers (myself included). However, contrary to what one would expect, it is actually well done! I can’t even believe this… I’m praising a 3D Anime for its animation… Wow!

In fact, if we think about it two seconds, Japanese games have been showing good 3D animation forever… So, why has the Anime industry still shows so much difficulty doing it right? I would say that Revisions’ Animation makes me remember a 3D Anime PlayStation videogame. In fact, there are parts that it even appears 2D with the 3D being there only slightly. But, it’s there enough to make the difference and work out!

Revisions soccer

Moreover, the characters’ movement is done surprisingly well. It’s an action Anime and, therefore, the movement is important. This way, not only our characters seem like human-ish while walking, we even get to see them playing soccer with a very well movement design.

But, we can’t forget this is a mecha anime! So, we will have the gigantic robotic beings flying and fighting around. Again, things seem to be good! Although, 3D animation used in mecha scenes are not really a new thing…

The Story Is Also Promising!

Revisions mecha

If you have been following me for some time you know my overall thoughts about mecha Anime… I just don’t like them. It’s not that they are bad or good, it’s just a genre that doesn’t speak to me that much!

However, Revisions promises to be more than just your typical mecha Anime. By the end of the episode, we can see the enemy, a huge robot, killing high school students by crushing them. Nothing strange… The thing is, blood actually explodes around when that happens. Although death is something that is not that unnatural in Anime, this kind of brutally is normally not seen. Unless the Anime is going for a darker twist.

Revisions kids

You can also see this dark twist when everyone is running for their life. Being it by pushing everyone to enter in the door first, or the professor closing the door to the students still outside so she can save her own life. These type of scenes appear in darker and more psychological Anime shows. Which makes me believe that Revisions will be more than just your typical Mecha Anime!

Taking this into consideration I have to say that I’m pretty curious to watch more of it and see how it will develop!

It’s funny that Revisions ended up working so well for me! It combines two things that I’m not a huge fan off, Mecha and 3D… But, that’s what you get when you do a tremendously good job!

Revisions Daisuke Doujima smiling
See You Soon! 😀


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8 thoughts on “Revisions, a 3D Anime Ahead of The Game!

  1. I’m kind of sad that Netflix took it for us in the US, because I want to watch it now. I mean, it has one of my favorite direectors behind the show…

  2. This sounds interesting. I must confess, I find that pic of the mecha holding the boy jarring though. It feels like the mech has a different style of shading to the person, leaving me feeling like it’s two different shows mashed up.

    1. Yeah, I understand what you mean! However, from every CGI/3D Anime I’ve had the pleasure (or not) to come accross, this is the one which has the better animation overall 😛

      1. It’s definitely something that niggles at me a lot. The shame is that the toehr screenshots don’t seem to have the same issue. Liek the soccer shot. That looks like it might a CG mix to me, but it doesn’t make me think it’s out of place.

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