5 Animes to Watch in This Valentine’s Day | Single Edition

5 Animes to Watch in This Valentine’s Day | Single Edition

Hi everyone and welcome to my place! 🙂

It’s the week of Valentine’s day (And Carnival for some of us) yaiiii \o/ The shops are already full of chocolates and flowers so that airheaded boyfriends can make their last minute gift shopping. Everything is good and all… Unless you are single and well don’t have that someone to get that last minute present! Or you just are like my boyfriend and I who don’t believe that there is a need for a day to show our love to each other… Any the case, I thought why not just give you guys some Anime suggestions to binge-watch in Valentine’s day?


Being the main target Single people, of course the Animes will not be romantic ones, I mean… Binge watching a romance while eating the so said chocolates (the ones that are supposed to give to your SO which are heart-shaped) and crying…. Yeah… It’s not really that nice of a picture.

This way, here are 5 Animes to binge watch in this special day (or not… It really doesn’t matter) which will not think about romance even during a second:

HighSchool Of The Dead

Boob Matrix FTW \o/

Those kind of Animes that should have gotten a second season, but they didn’t -.-”

So, this Anime is about a Zombie Apocalypse… Yeah, something that is now really over used, but it came out some months before the Walking Dead, so basically when Zombies were still a thing. The Anime starts as another day in the main characters’ Highschool, but the Apocalypse starts and in a matter of minutes everything completely changes. The plot is easy, find a way to be able to run and not be bitten while doing it.

The thing that made me love this Anime (and bypass all the huge boobs and fan service) was that the creators never took the easy way to get the characters out of an extremely complicated event. They basically need to construct weapons from what they can get in the school and really make strategies to be able to push forward. The other thing is… The zombies are blind, so they will only get to you by sound, this characteristic makes the Anime to be full of suspense and making you stay still in your chair and almost not breathing (Because we all know that if we make any noise the Zombies in the Anime will hear us and kill the Anime characters).

You will be so focused in not making a noise that you won’t even remember the chocolate you bought to bury your empty heart.

Elfen Lied


Another Anime that should have gotten a second season…

This Anime is also horror and in this case with extreme gore. The story starts with a… I don’t remember what they call her… But a girl who has been put trough experiments making her to have extremely quick arms all over her body that are invisible. She runs from the lab and kills everyone in the process. She ends up jumping to the sea (I think it’s the sea) but hits her head. Our main character ends up finding her ashore passed out, the thing is… She got amnesia when she hit with her head and has a complete different personality (like a cute one) now. Of course the government can’t let her go and tries to find her, but it’s all good because when she hits her head again she remembers everything and becomes a killing machine again… Until she hits with her head again… It’s like her on and off button.

I really loved this Anime, it is a little more in the sad part, but not romantically sad, just life issues sad. The plot is interesting and the characters are enjoyable!

Best of all, you will be too disgusted with all the heads rolling over to even think about love. (I mean… I think? Don’t know what floats your boat tbh).



Well, you may not like horror stories, so here is a way more relaxed and calm Anime.

Mushishi is about a guy who can see Mushi, Mushi is basically spirits (or Youkai if you’ve seen Natsume: Book of Friends). Ginko travels the world to help people who are having problems with more complicated or aggressive mushi and that’s all. You do have some episodes which are about Gink back story, but you never feel that the Anime is going making that the main plot.

This Anime is awesome for many reasons. First the environment and the music they use are really relaxing which I loved, the stories although solved in one or two episodes are extremely good and they have that kind of aspect of making you think about deep topics about life. The voice acting is just great, really the voice of the narrator (It’s a she) is just… Well Morgan Freeman level of greatness and I also love the Animation. It has a more adult aspect to it but really brings you to the old Japan. If you are a fan of the japanese culture then you are going to love it for sure.

Moreover you will be so relaxed that you won’t even feel stressed about the last dump you got (I mean relationship dump, not the toilet one).


You can see that they enjoy their job!

Let’s go into a more action type of Anime (And mystery).

It’s hard to explain the initial plot of Baccano! Not because they don’t explain you everything and you end the Anime understanding everything, it’s just… In the beginning there is so much happening and the pace is so fast that you have some difficulties to sort it out. But, basically, the setting happens in a train where there are MANY things that are going to happen at the same time.

*Takes a deep breath* First you have a mafia group who want to take the train to kidnap the wife of an important politician (can’t remember his role) and their children. On the other side you have another mafia group who just wants to do a thing… Kill everyone, that’s it! Nothing more… Moreover the train is attacked and haunted by what they call the Rail Tracer. A monster who attacks the train and kills everyone in there. However, while this is happening you will also have the backstory of a guy climbing the ladder of his Mafia group, which well… You won’t understand quite well why they are throwing you this paralel story, last, but not the least, you have an old guy who produced a potion that will give eternal life.

Uff…. That’s all I think. Now, why is this Anime is so good? First, it happens in 1930’s and the animation does a great job transmitting that decade vibe. Second, even though you don’t understand much in the beginning it gives you a great pleasure when you start to see all dots being connected. Music and animation are top-notch! The intro is just… Too good! And last, but NOT THE LEAST!!!!! The train is called Flying Pussyfoot, of course an Anime is going to be great when has the name Flying freaking Pussyfoot somewhere!

Moreover you will be using all your brain to try to understand and catch up all the events happening so you won’t even think about those couples that are eating in nice restaurants while you are eating pizza in your underwear at home.

Dangaronpa: The Animation


This one is based on a Video Game. My boyfriend has been playing it the last few days and I took some glances (Not many, because there are things I don’t remember and I want to play the game without spoilers :P) and it seems they really did a good job to put the story together as an Anime.

This Anime happens in the Hope’s Peak Private Academy, a super exclusive school which only gathers the best and the smartest. Our main character, an average student, has the great luck of being picked in a lottery system to enter the school with other students. The problem is… The school is not what he was expecting. The class is locked inside the school by this evil (but cute) stuffed bear and the rules are simple. (Sorry if they are not accurate, but as I said there is much I don’t remember). It has to happen a murdered from a specific time to a specific time, if that doesn’t happen all of them are killed. After the murder happens the students will have a certain time to gather clues. When that time runs out they all go to a trial where they all discuss and try to find the murderer. If they are correct, the murderer is charged with a death penalty, if they are incorrect all of them except the murderer will be killed. The murderer is then free to go.

I really enjoyed this Anime because all of the thought the creators (in this case of the game) have put in the murders… They are always really difficult to solve and seem to be just mastermind (Agatha Christie anyone?). Then you have all this kind of relationships which of course are not really that based in trust since they may have to kill each other and every character has their own strange way to be and are a little bit lunatic. Also, you have Monokuma (the stuffed bear) who is evil, but that kind of cute and amusing evil that makes you want to enter your screen and go hug him.

You will be so focused on trying to solve the crimes by your own that you won’t even hear the couple upstairs making THE babies. (Again, if you don’t know how that happens and you are here it’s time for you to have the talk with your parents, say you want to have THE TALK and they will know what you are referring to, don’t worry).

That’s all folks! 😀 Now, in a more serious note, it really is ok to be single! So, just enjoy yourself and be happy 🙂 Someone will come sooner or later (I mean you need to get out of the house from time to time so you can meet the person of course, or use the Internet – that’s what I did).

Hope you liked this post and that you choose one of my recommendations to watch in the near future. Have a nice Valentine’s day. Even if you are Single! 😀

Bonus Tip: You don’t need to be single to enjoy the shows above 😉


See You Soon! 😀

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  1. LOL.. Hahaha.. Cheers to every single person in the world. Cheers to us… hehehe… Im watching Durarara..Have you watched that? There’s this girl there with no head. But the show’s a little slow but it was okay. Love your recommendations though. 🙂

    1. I did watch Durara (some time ago), but as you said the pace is too slow and I ended up dropping it. The most I remember is the girl with no head to be honest ahahah But I do remember that it had a good premise so I should just come back to it and watch it all 😀
      Thank you so much 🙂

      1. 🙂 I’m planning to drop it now too but that girl with no head is really interesting and seems theres more in the story that I have yet to see. 🙂 🙂 I’ll let you know once Im done… I think there’s already season 2., 🙂

    1. Well, I’ll be trying to figure out how am I going to connect the Valentine’s day with my company (It’s a recruitment company) so I can post it on the social media 😛 I would also rather watch Anime! xD

  2. Baccano! I don’t remember everything but I much enjoyed it! We don’t celebrate Valentine’s day either, because of the same reason…why the one day when you shower each other with love and appreciation every day?
    Great review!
    And in case you haven’t seen it, in my last blog I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award ?!

    1. Completely agree with you! Love is in the smallest everyday things like falling asleep cuddling each other!
      Thank you 🙂 And thank you for your nomination! (I’ll proper thank you again in your blog :P) But yeah I didn’t saw it, to be honest this past few days have been really difficult to read everybody’s posts and I didn’t receive any notification 🙁 Sorry!!!

  3. Well…I am still single. And I am just going to head to work tomorrow, preparing for another normal day, where nothing is likely going to happen on the romance front lol. Unless I have some kind of unknown admirer that I have never heard of ??
    Great post by the way ?

    1. That makes both of us… Although I will need to find a smart way to match valentine’s day with my company (a recruitment company) and leverage our social media through that… So a lot of think and stuff with hearts tomorrow bah
      Oh Raistlin… You probably have tons of them, you have more than 1000 followers, even if only 1% admires you in secret it makes 100 people… Think about it 😉
      Thank you~!

      1. Yeah…I am usually glad when that day is over again. It’s not that I hate it, but it just is a day that makes that feeling of lonelyness a bit harder to take. But…I am still glad for everyone that can experience it and be with their loved one.
        And thank you for that very kind last section of your comment. That really made me smile and was very heartwarming. So really, thank you ??

  4. I’m thrilled to see Mushishi in the list! It’s one of the most remarkable series I have ever watched, and wouldn’t mind binge watching again.

    For my V-day marathon, I have an ambitious list of two series, Hibike! Euphonium and Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara

    Let’s just hope I finish it.

    1. Mushishi is just great! I just need to finish the last season… I stalled it because I was in a phase that I wanted more action/fast paced Animes and never came back to it!

      Hibike! Euphonium is also into my Want to watch list!!! I really need to start watching it… So many Animes to watch and no time for it 🙁 You will binge watch Shokugeki no Soma with no problems is really entertaining and easy to digest (see what I did there ;))

    1. As I told to Raistlin, that make 2 of us! But, I will need to get ways to use the valentine’s day to leverage our social media… So a lot of pictures with chocolate and heart stuff bah -.-
      Thank you so much! 🙂

  5. It is a shame that Highschool of the Dead never got another season. Maybe there wasn’t enough material to adapt because the author died? Danganronpa is awesome. I highly recommend all of the games.

    1. I don’t know… What I read on the internet (so it must be true) is that the show wasn’t that popular in the Japan as he was in the western countries thats why they decided to drop it…
      Yeah, when I finish beyond two souls it’s going to be next game xD

    1. Thank you~! XD I’m glad that you find that about the post since it was one of the ones that I had more “fun” writing xD Like laughing at my own words lolol

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