5 Most Underrated Anime From 2019 Winter Season

5 Most Underrated Anime From 2019 Winter Season

Hello everyone and welcome to our shelter!

Yeah, I know, I know, I still haven’t published my winter season guide… Well, to be completely honest, I’m just not having time to finish the last few (horrible) Anime I still need to watch before I can actually do it. And, when I say I’m not having the time, I’m actually saying that I’m addicted to Kingdom Hearts franchize and have not been doing much besides that on my free time… Sorry >.<

Meiji Tokyo Renka Mei funny

So, yeah, that’s why I just pushed forward and started posting my top favourites and so on before finishing the first impressions to all the shows debuting this season. By the way, if you are into Anime openings, you can read my 7 favourite ops from this Winter season here.

Before jumping to the actual Anime, I feel I need to tell you what kind of criteria did I use to say which Anime is underrated and what not. Well, I went to MAL and saw the number of members for each Anime, compared to others who had more and also compared scores. Depending on those numbers, I decided which ones are my most underrated Anime shows of the season… Pretty simple, right?

As usual, I just end up rabbling instead of going straight to the point… Sorry to anyone who has come here by Google Search and doesn’t really care about whatever I just wrote above! I’m gonna start now, ok? Sooooo…

Here’s My 5 Underrated Anime From 2019 Winter Season

(In My Opinion)

Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka (Read my FI here!)

Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka

So, Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka is a magical girls type of Anime which has a darker twist to it. Well, from what I know, magical girls’ shows normally tend to have a nice fanbase alongside them. However, Asuka does not seem the case which, to be honest, is a bummer.

I’m not really into magical girls’ shows, but Asuka is actually pretty interesting. We follow a girl who was part of the magical girls’ group who saved the world from some kind of aliens/monsters which are similar to stuffed animals. This girl, Asuka, although she did help to save the world, she is not in a very good mental state. She lost many people to the war, friends and parents included, and she is now suffering from PSTD. In fact, her memories from those times are so horrible she decided to stop fighting altogether.

I believe this is a very interesting concept to pick up. It tells a story contrary to “and they lived happily together”. It brings a more realistic side to a magical girls’ story. Of course, this darker tone is also demonstrated in the fighting that is happening all around… Blood, torture, detached limbs… You name it!

I’m actually pretty confused about how Asuka is not having more popularity… It is a good Anime show to follow!

Endro~! (Read my FI here!)

Endro~! First Impressions 2

Another Anime I can’t understand how is passing through the Winter Season without much talking is Endro~! (or Endoro~! the one you prefer). I mean, I remember when Yuru camp came out, almost everyone was talking about it, and I’m sure that the Anime deserved all the praise it got (I still haven’t watched it though).

So, it’s kind of strange to see a CGDCT with so much potential not being talked as much… Is the story that deep? No! Is there a lot of action happening?… No… However, that’s not what CGDCT are for! It’s for you to lay back and relax and Endro~! is perfect for that! This season we are not really that strong when it comes to CGDCT Anime shows, so I would expect Endro~! would have a little more love, but it seems not.

If you love CGDCT and you like a little of fantasy/adventure twist, then please, give this Anime some LOVE!

Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai! (Read my FI here!)

Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai girls

Ok… Ok… I just told you that this season we didn’t have much good CGDCT Anime and here I am… Showing you another CGDCT Anime… Like, right away! You know, something I’ve learned since I’ve become a blogger is that you need to be consistent with what you say…

Well, the thing is, Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai is even more underrated than Endro~! I mean, Endro~! has 10.000 more members than this one! What do I have to say about this Anime… Well, first, is probably one of the best Anime shows showing you what happens in aircraft fights… Like realistic, you know?

To be honest, how the hell Girly Air Force has more members than Kouya no Kotobuki is something that I don’t understand… I can’t even sleep at night when I remember this! At least Kouya is better rated (for more +0.2 so let’s not throw a party just yet). No shade to Girly Air Force, I’m sure there are plenty of you that like the show… The thing is Kouya no Kotobuki is overall better and deserves more love!!!

Meiji Tokyo Renka (Read my FI here!)

Meiji Tokyo Renka

Now, I’ve always been said to leave the best for last… Well, clearly I’m not doing that! Meiji Tokyo Renka is, without a doubt, the most underrated Anime of the season. Look, I’m not telling it is the best, ok? That’s not what I’m saying, I’m saying that is the most underrated, meaning that even not being the best, it should get a (LOT) more love!

Now, Meiji Tokyo Renka is a reverse harem where the main girl will not look twice to a guy if there is any kind of food in the room. Just because of that, I like her! I mean… It’s relatable, you know? In fact, throughout the Anime she actually shows very well that she is inclined to one boy and that’s that! Even if there are other guys falling for her, well, I’m sorry hunny, but she’s taken (not really sure what possessed me while writing that phrase, but k).

Well, basically if you like the Meiji Era, have some fun and laugh in some scenes, this is the anime for you! Is it the best Anime of the winter season? Not at all, it does have some problems with it, but clearly, it deserves more than just 12.000 members on MAL, as also the 6.52 score… Ok maybe it does deserve that score, I mean it’s close to 7. Nevertheless, more people should be watching this!

My Roommate is a Cat (Read my FI here!)

My Roommate is a cat haru and subaru cute

Well, that’s underwhelming, isn’t it? I should have put this one upper and finish with the bang of Meiji Tokyo Renka… Oh well, I’m lazy and that’s how I wrote the list on my notebook, so that’s what we gonna get… You will live… Probably?… I hope so? Well, if you do, we won’t really know am I right? So, hopefully, nothing is going to happen.

I believe My Roommate is a Cat is the one that people are more aware of and feel that should get a little more love. Truth is, it’s a great and cute Slice of Life to watch and it does deserve to have more time of our lives! I mean, what can be better than to watch Haru? I mean, he can just breath for 20 minutes and I will just watch the full episode!

The Internet loves cats, we love cats, the Internet loves Anime, we love Anime… I mean, I just don’t understand how there are not more people watching this Anime since it clearly has both, Anime and Cats! So you understand how much I’m telling it’s underrated, it should be at the levels of Gotoubun no Hanayome, but it has half of the members.

Aaaand, that’s it! Those are the 5 most underrated Anime shows of the season. I know the number of members in MAL does not really give us a perfect picture of what’s happening around the Animesphere. But, I don’t own a magic ball to see what everyone is saying, and I’m too lazy to spend hours and hours finding reviews, comments, tweets and all that… So, well, that’s all I have!

What about you? Tell me in the comments which Anime do you think it’s more underrated this season!

15 thoughts on “5 Most Underrated Anime From 2019 Winter Season

  1. My Roommate is a Cat definitely needs a lot more love, and I think the Price of Smiles is better than people make it out to be. Okay, it isn’t great and it isn’t without problems, but it does kind of grow on you over the episodes and I’ve found enough to enjoy about it.

    1. I’m not really sure about The Price of Smiles… However, I only watched 3 episodes of it, so I might not have gotten to the episodes where it becomes more interesting 😛

      1. The Price of Smiles never quite lives up to its potential but I’m glad I stuck it out this season. While it wasn’t great it had some interesting ideas and splitting the story between Yuki and Stella really helped.

  2. My Roommate is a Cat is SO MUCH FUN! And sooo relatable for me lol (I’m so antisocial ??). Meiji Tokyo Renka is one I’m starting tonight, finally. It just looks and sounds like something I’d like a lot. Thanks for the list! Bookmarking it for future watching ideas. ?

  3. The only reason I don’t enthusiastically endorse all your choice is that I haven’t seen Meiji Tokyo Renka or My Roommate Is A Cat — yet!

    Asuka and Kouya No Kotobuki Hikoutai! are two of my favorite shows this season — well, not counting The Promised Neverland, which is in a class by itself.

    1. hahaha well you are always on time to try it out! 😛

      Nice to see someone loving Asuka and Kouya No Kotobuki so much! They deserve the love! And yes, Promised Neverland is one of those Anime shows that deserve the hyper it’s getting

  4. Still need to get around to Kotobuki and Endro is not really my thing, but My Roommate is a Cat is plain cute, Asuka tosses around some really cool ideas for its genre (or maybe I’m a sucker for it because it sometimes discusses magical girls and international studies in the same breath) and Meiji Tokyo Renka…is decent, but not something I’m running back to any time soon. Those boys are just a liiiiiittle too touchy-feely for my taste, as much as I like how detached from the boys she is (note: only seen 1 ep).

    I think my underrated anime would be the Morose Mononokean season 2. It’s because it’s a season 2 that people don’t give it the time of day, but when a show has an adorably fuzzy youkai I could watch all day and it’s pushing its lore in unexpected directions, it’s not groundbreaking like Mob Psycho 100, but it’s still worth the watch if you have enough time for it.

    1. Nice points you did there! 😛 It’s true that these shows are not for everyone. Moreover, all of them do show some problems here in there… But, in the end they do deserve some more popularity than what they are having xD

      I would love to comment on the Morose Mononokean, but I’m only following Anime shows debutting this season, so I’m not following running Anime from last season, or second seasons :/ But I believe in you haha

  5. I’m glad you mentioned Meiji Tokyo Renka! I didn’t think I’d like it after part of episode 1, but I tried watching it again and now it’s the only show I am watching weekly this season! I don’t think people give it enough credit. Like you said, is it the best anime ever? No. Is it typical of its genre and a decent RH with fun characters and a heroine with personality? Absolutely! It is very much made for the RH fan, and it’s enjoyable to watch! In any case, great post. Your writing style is fun to read!

    1. Nice to see you are enjoying Meiji Tokyo Renka! It does deserve more love than it’s getting 😛

      Though I have to say, I’m not really that fan of harems (or RH for that matter) and I’m actually enjoying this one!

      Thank you so much :3 glad you liked eheh

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