7 Best Openings From 2019 Anime Winter Season

7 Best Openings From 2019 Anime Winter Season

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Time to make a small top best when it comes to openings from Anime coming out this Winter Season! Before we dive into it though, let me just explain the criteria in how I ranked these.

First of all, I have 2 types of criteria, music and visuals. However, music takes a little bit more weight in the overall note. This because the song is what normally makes me want to watch an opening every episode. The visuals are cool, but if you watch it every single episode, you just end up getting bored out of it. This way, take into mind that music weights 60% for the overall note, while visuals weight only 40%.

When it comes to the music criteria, I applied two different reasons. My personal taste, and how well it goes with the overall Anime vibe. For example, I’m not fond of cute-ish songs, but if the Anime is a CGDCT, I will take that into account.

When it comes to the visuals, I’m not looking for the overall quality of the Anime (something that I do when I make my first impressions posts). What I looked for was, taking into mind the animation of the Anime, how the visuals played out in the opening, as also if it gives a good context of what we are going to watch.

And, that’s it! Without further ado, let’s start our 7 best Anime Openings from 2019 Winter Season! (The scores are in a scale from 0 to 10)

Note: I’m only taking into account new Anime shows airing this season. This way, I did not take into account second (and +) seasons or recurring Anime shows which aired before the Winter Season.

Number 7 – Domestic na Kanojo (Score 7,8)

Music (Score – 8): When it comes to the song, I feel it translates very well the main characters feelings of prison and despair. In most of the music, it seems that the singer is not letting her feelings completely out and restraining herself. However, when it comes to the end of it, she lets everything out and starts singing way louder. I think it really speaks out how our main characters feel throughout the Anime.

Visuals (Score – 7,5): First I love the black and white visuals with the red colour on the girl’s lips as also the blue of her earring. I also think that the visuals translate very well the vibes of the Anime. As you know, Domestic Girlfriend is a drama type of Anime, so it just fits well the images being in a rainy day. Moreover, it’s also nice to see that the opening is telling some kind of story while presenting every character of the show! It’s original and interesting!

Number 6 – My Roommate Is a Cat (Score 7,8)

Music (Score – 7): The music is not as good as Domestic Girlfriend. However, it’s cute and upbeat, basically, My Roommate is a Cat in a nutshell. I do like how the music starts in a sadder and lonelier note which is basically how both Haru and Subaru felt before meeting each other.

Visuals (Score – 9): The thing about the visuals of this opening, is how well it explains the story without giving too much. First, we have Subaru on an island, surrounded by huge walls of books. This translates how Subaru cuts himself from the rest of the world and prefers to spend its time alone, reading. However, Haru appears and knocks down those walls, which represents Subaru’s character evolution due to meeting Haru. Then, we have many visuals which are pointing out that Subaru is writing a crime book where the cat is the main character. It also shows many visuals which point out Subaru’s gigantic imagination and, last but not the least, we have some cute images which end up in an album. Now, if you remember, a photo album is a very important point in one of the first episodes.

Number 5- Endro~! (Score 7,8)

Music (Score – 7): Again, a cute song which is not really my jam. However, being Endro~! such a cute Anime, it just makes sense to have a cute song! When it comes to cute music, this song is pretty darn good! The beat is very upbeat and the melody just makes you want to sing along. Something, that works very well with the visuals.

Visuals (Score – 9): The best thing about Endro~! opening visuals are how smooth all the passages are! You just can’t deny it, from the drawing of the wagon to the way how they present the characters in a very intelligent way which makes you having no dull moments throughout the opening. Last, but no the least, the visuals translate very well the fairy tale vibe that the Anime presents in its episodes.

Number 4 – Meiji Tokyo Renka (Score 8,0)

Music (Score – 10): By far, my favourite music of the season! I love this 20s-40s jazz-ish type of songs. This way, of course, this one would be high on my top list. The song is just cheerful and wants to make you dance to it. You can argue the music does not really have much in common with the Anime itself, and well, I would have to say that you are correct. I mean, when I think about Meiji Era, it’s not Jazz that comes to mind. But, the time period is close and I will let this one slide.

Visuals (Score – 5): Probably the worst of this list. It has a lot of still moments, and the movement is in the bar of the “ok”. Moreover, it’s basically just showing the characters from the Anime and not much originality is given to it. Nevertheless, it does translate what is going to happen in the story. You have the moon many times during the opening, which has huge importance to the plot, and you can see it’s in the Meiji Era.

Number 3 – Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (Score 8,2)

Music (Score – 9): I love the singer’s voice. It just works so well with the music. The thing about this opening song is that it just makes me want to go outside and start punching monsters and go into adventures to find treasures inside of dark caves… Which, well… It’s what Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari is about, sort of.

Visuals (Score – 7): With such a beat, the visuals just need to also have a lot of movement, which they do. Again, with this opening, there is not a dull moment. It’s one of those that when it’s finished you just didn’t feel the time passing. The thing I love the most though is how they were able to tell a bit of the story of Naofumi and Raphtalia without spoiling anything. First, you can see Raphtalia behind what it feels like prison bars, which is a remark of her being a slave. On the other side, you can see Naofumi being pushed down to those same bars, right after Mein appears in the screen, which translates the false rape accusation. It’s very well done and a really nice touch!

Number 2 – The Promised Neverland (Score 8,6)

Music (Score – 9): Who is able to watch this opening without singing the “nanananana” in the beginning? Come on! This song is just so freaking catchy that I’m going to add it to my Spotify Playlist. Does it translate the story, well, more or less. I think that if it was a little more mysterious it would also work well. However, I think the song beat and vibe just gives you that image of running. I mean, this would be an awesome song to have in the background when the kids are running from the house. So, yeah, I think it works well with what we are about to see.

Visuals (Score – 8): For an Anime like The Promised Neverland, of course, you need some dark and mysterious backgrounds! Something that you can see right in the beginning. Then you have all the characters introduced in a quick and “mysterious” way. Meaning those blur effects and so on are there to make it more dark-ish, which works well of course. Last, but not the least we can see during many times the visual of being trapped and the visual of running away, which, let’s face it, it’s the main point of the show! 😛

Number 1 – Dororo (Score 8,8)

Music (Score – 8): It’s hard to explain Dororo’s opening song. It’s original and I love how they are able to get a sadder side in the beginning which translates Hyakkimaru overall life with a more fast beat that translates all the action throughout the Anime. Moreover, I just love the passage where the singer sings in a higher pitch note, around min 00:35 of this Youtube Video.

Visuals (Score – 10): By far the best visuals of this Winter Season. There is no other way to deny it. First, the animation is completely different from what you watch during the episode. It’s an animation that brings you to the older ages, basically the era where this story is happening. Then, we have all the sorrow surrounding most of the opening, it’s beautifully done and translates well the content of this story. It’s just beautiful to watch and it’s one of the few that I could rewatch the opening a few times only because of the visuals.

Aaaand, that’s it! What is your favourite opening from this Winter Season? Did I miss anyone? Tell me all in the comments!

12 thoughts on “7 Best Openings From 2019 Anime Winter Season

  1. I knew Pastel Memories wouldn’t be on here, but for some reason I wanted to be sure anyways seeing as it’s the only Winter 2019 anime I’m watching and I actually like the OP haha

  2. Domestic Girlfriend and My Roommate is a Cat would be my number one and two this season (not sure which order, depends on my mood). Though Meiji Tokyo Renka gets seriously stuck in my head after watching an episode so that one is definitely up there for me.

    1. Domestic Girlfriend and My Roommate is a Cat have great openings, so not surprising that they are so high in your list 😛

      Meiji Tokyo Renka… Well, it’s one of those Anime shows that I feel they should have more love!

  3. Shield Hero is my favourite opening this season, but I really love The Promised Neverland too… I’m already ready for next season to start so I can see Shield Hero’s next OP.

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