Sakume’s 5 Best Anime Kissing Scenes

Sakume’s 5 Best Anime Kissing Scenes
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Romance, a heartwarming genre. A genre that makes us want to express our love to the ones that have made our lives better. Express affection to the ones who have made us a better version of ourselves, given our lives meaning, have been with us through thick and thin, and have assured us that no matter how dark it gets, they will always be there for you.

Expressing love comes in all forms. Whether it be with those words that have been cementing love since the beginning of time – ‘I love you’ – or wanting to feel the other person, as it’s the only touch you feel at ease in and makes you feel like you’re at home or heaven itself. It’s truly one of the world’s best emotions, and having someone like that is truly a blessing. Apart from real life, we are reminded of these very emotions, these very feelings in anime itself. With romance in the air and ready to get a hold of us, let’s look back to the top 5 anime kissing scenes that made us want to share a kiss with our significant other right away.

5. Yuri and Victor From Yuri on Ice

Yuri on Ice - Yuri Victor Kiss Scene

Having labeled as the most heartwarming moment of the year, it sure lives up to its name. Natural talent isn’t always necessary to be recognized and admired by the entire world. The ones with an eye for it are sure to come your way and polish it together with you. Viktor and Yuri shared a relationship that transcends words themselves. The whole setting of ice skating and the fierce competition made this moment all the sweeter and something that was a delightful experience. With that crisp animation and perfect transitions, it’s one of the best kissing moments for sure.

4. Kirito and Asuna From Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online Kirito and Asuna kiss

Sword Art Online introduced the whole video game plot setting when it wasn’t that much of a thing. It featured all those genre elements and story progression steps that almost every anime is following right now. This makes Sword Art Online one of a kind for sure. Moreover, with such a terrific cast of characters, people were bound to fall in love with them. Kirito and Asuna are truly one of the best couples in anime history. By overcoming horrific things by sticking together and looking out for each other, it’s no wonder that the roots of romance stuck deep between them. At the climax of the show, they share their first kiss together, and it was something that everyone was looking forward to for a while (me included). It was executed in a brilliant way and was something that made Sword Art Online fans happy to the very core.

3. Taiga and Ryuuji From Toradora!

Taiga and Ryuuji First Kiss Toradora!

Taiga and are the most unusual of the duos put together while being literally the same when it comes to most of the things. The show told their story in such a beautiful way that it was nothing short of the word ‘magnificent’, and it’s still considered one of the best by many. Later on, when they’re feelings are at their peak (and they just can’t resist), they share a kiss together, and it’s animated in the best way possible. Everything is perfect and really hits the nail when it comes to this show’s awesomeness.

2. Yukiteru and Yuno From Future Diary

Yukiteru and Yuno First Kiss Future Diary

Sure, Yuno is a psychopath and would kill anyone without a second thought. But it’s all because of her love for Yukiteru – her affection is so deep-rooted that she’d do anything to end up together with Yukki. Having traveled back time by being the victor of the past Future Diary game, she knew the rules and how everything was going to play out. She tried her best to protect Yukki and made sure that he was safe and sound. At times, she even gets gravely injured because of Yukki, but she pays no mind to it. She just wants to keep him safe. When it’s all over, they are finally able to think about themselves, focus on themselves, and have their sweet time together. This leads to their first kiss – something that Yuno has imagined countless times now, and it sure played out better than it did in her head.

1. Okabe and Kurisu From Steins;Gate

Kurisu and Okabe Kiss Steins;Gate (edited)

You’ve heard of this girl who’s at the top of her game and is finally attending her conference. But even before things start, you see her getting stabbed and killed right before your very eyes just to see her the very next second, all flesh and blood. You’re sure to be intrigued and question reality itself at that point. Okabe, remembering everything he saw that day and everything being crystal clear in his head, wants to get to the bottom of everything. But in doing so, he wants the assistance of the best in the business, Makise Kurisu. The story progresses, and both end up falling in love with each other. But later on, he comes to know that the only way to shift the timelines, to ‘correct’ everything is to go back to a world without her, without Kurisu. Having told her that he wants to have the best memory with her in their final moments, they are together one last time. They see each other off with a kiss, then another, then another, then another. They just can’t let go, and the thought of never being able to see each other ever again makes them want to do it again and again and again.

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