Sakume’s 5 Best Anime Series

Sakume’s 5 Best Anime Series

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Anime, something that’s been with us since the beginning. It’s something that has looked after us as we sprouted from the seed to the fruit we are today. It’s something that’s truly a childhood friend and someone we can count on. We’ve watched a lot of anime ever since our introduction to the likes of Dragon Ball and Pokemon since those were like the first shows everyone ever watched. But in this journey where we’ve gathered all these crew members that are a part of our memories now, there are some names that truly stand out. Some names that never get old and make us want to watch them again and again. So let’s give ourselves a memory check and count down the 5 Best Anime Series of all time.

5. Great Teacher Onizuka

We’ve all come across all kinds of teachers in real life, whether it be school, college, academies, you name it. Some of them so pleasant and true to their profession that it makes us want to keep them for a lifetime. Others not so memorable when it comes to that. This is the best teacher anime has ever portrayed and one that gives the modern Koro-sensei a run for his money. Onizuka Eikichi is a name unknown to none. The anime surely stays true to the title in its entire runtime. From being a gangster running people down the streets to transitioning to a teacher who places his students next to none. A teacher who turns a blind eye to anything and everything his students do but still makes sure they learn the lesson that’s important in life. That to be a good human being.

4. Stein’s;Gate


The first anime to portray something that’s been fascinating people since the beginning of time. The first anime to talk about something that the conspiracy theories just can’t get enough of. The first anime to connect the dots, to make the pieces come together in the most satisfying and perfect way, Stein’s;Gate. Time-traveling has always been something that’s been the talk of the town. Scientists have been working to the bone to uncover the mysteries. Well, they’ll be shocked to hear that a certain mad scientist is a million steps ahead of them. A microwave is surely something that everyone owns. Computer? Mark that one for me as well. Okabe Rintarou, aka the mad scientist, made us see how it’s so easy for him to control timelines making us question our intellect. But time isn’t kind to people who try to mess with it and makes sure it makes them back with interest. With all the memorable characters and developments, Stein’s;Gate is surely something you have to watch if you haven’t.

3. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

No anime has portrayed a family tree as perfectly as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. And to top things off, it shows different eras, which makes it feel real when it comes to the characters. From fighting Jack the Ripper and a vampire in London back in the 19th century to getting all swagged up in the Passione suit. From being that shy, earnest school kid who’s heart beats for none other than one girl to hitting on your teacher who’s way older than you. There’s something for everyone, and you’re in for a ride for sure. Whether it’s action that gets you pumped or you’re an adventure guy who’s all about those traveling and seeing new faces battle it out, it’s all here for you to witness. For you to enjoy. Get ready to see the most audacious of poses out there and techniques only a genius can come up with.

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2. Death Note

We’ve had our share of the op characters who can literally destroy the stars in the blink of an eye. Yes, Picollo, don’t try to look away now. But what if we brought a super frail, super young character with no expertise on any kind of combat art out there, would it make all eyes on him? Yes, of course. If we talk about the most intelligent characters to ever set foot in the anime universe, this is a character that would be on the top no matter who’s behind the list. Yagami Light is your average high school boy who apparently is an affluent prodigy and in a league of his own. But human curiosity is something that has made even the most perfect of people to commit some grave mistakes. It’s a great story of how a boy led by his emotions and what he thinks is right, is driven into a series of events that he’s always able to get out of to the point that he feels invincible. But when there’s a chase between a mouse and a cat, there’s not much land the mouse is able to tread to tell the chase.

1. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

The original Full Metal Alchemist didn’t do justice to the manga as it deviated and skip plot elements that were vital to complete the beautiful picture that the manga readers love to bring up in their heads almost every day. This is one of the best remakes ever created with animation and music so on point as well. Human Transmutation is a taboo, a domain that no Alchemist dares to step in. But when two brothers have lost their parents, what else can they do but rely on the most outrageous of measures out there? It shows how deep-rooted their love is to the point that even knowing the risk, they decide to give it a try. But the thing is true to the talk and makes them lose more than the thing that made them do it in the first place. Now to make up for it, they’re on a quest to polish their Alchemy to perfection while coming across all kinds of hurdles on the way.

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