Top 5 Male Characters from Naruto

Top 5 Male Characters from Naruto

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Today, I bring you my top 5 regarding Naruto guys! 😀 I will also do a female version of this in the future, but for today, let’s focus in the guys! I mean, Naruto world is so extensive that if I didn’t narrow it down a bit I wouldn’t know where to start xD

naruto having an idea

Last week I did a top in the gaming side, this week I’m doing a top on the Anime side… So many tops! Is there a reason for it? Well, more or less… I’m just not being able to watch as much Anime as I wanted and don’t really have much to talk about ahah Nevertheless, I always have fun reading your top lists, so I was already thinking in doing some tops here at our place! Hope you like them and don’t forget to comment your top 5 favorite male characters from Naruto in the comments 😉

Since Naruto has been aired for a decade (not counting with Boruto) I will take into account their development through the series.

– Number 5: Sasuke –

top 5 male naruto characters sasuke cute
He was so freaking cute when he was a child!

The fandom always seems to have the need to separate themselves between Team Naruto and Team Sasuke… I don’t really get why since in the Anime both are the closest you could get, in their own certain way.

That being said, I would say I prefer Sasuke versus Naruto. The reason comes from the beginning of the series. Although I ended the Anime loving Naruto, to be honest, in the beginning, I disliked him… A lot! He was just too noisy for me.

When it comes to Sasuke, he always got this cool and cold vibe that I loved when I was a child, you already know he was my first Anime crush. However, that kind of attitude would give him so much. Yeah, I understand where he comes from and if I had a brother killing everyone from my clan I’m pretty sure I would end up like him. However, that will get you so far in my book.

top 5 male naruto characters sasuke cool

However, I liked his evolution throughout the series. It’s true that when he goes to Orichimaru I was also a little annoyed with how he treated Sakura. But, when he finally found out why Itachi had done what he did, a new turmoil came in about. Now, the vengeance was over the Konoha Village itself. It took him a lot of time (until the end of the series actually) until he was finally able to change his way of thought and decided to help Konoha behind the scenes. For me, Sasuke is one of the best characters in the Naruto universe due to his great development.

– Number 4: Shikamaru –

top 5 male naruto characters shikamaru drag

I’ve also talked about Shikamaru once or twice here at our place. The brilliance of Shikamaru is, of course, his intelligence. I always loved to see intelligent characters. Intelligent characters show even a more intelligent writer behind it.

The only thing that threw me off a little bit about Shikamaru was his aloof kind of sense. However, throughout the series, we can see a Shikamaru more focused and with the want of making this world a better one. In fact, he ends up as the main Hokage’s counselor. We all know that is one of the most difficult jobs ever! Especially when Hokages seem to tend to not do much desk work.

top 5 male naruto characters shikamaru and temari

Another thing I loved about his story was his relationship with Temari flourishing. It’s funny to see Shikamaru in such an uncomfortable and shy way 😀

– Number 3: Gaara –

top 5 male naruto characters gaara cute

Well, it seems I’m a sucker for the “bad” guys when it comes to Naruto! 😀

Gaara for me was the one receiving the biggest character development in the Anime. It may happen suddenly, but from being hated to Kazekage goes a loooong way.

I remember when Gaara appeared for the first time in the Anime that I actually would sense fear every time he entered the picture. Don’t ask me why, but I think my younger self didn’t know that good always prevails in these kinds of Anime shows.

top 5 male naruto characters sasuke cool

However, after that arc, Gaara reborns and decides that it’s time to make things right, help his village and make this world a better one. Through a lot of work, he is finally able to make people accept him and ends up as the Kazekage. Right in the beginning of Naruto Shippuden, you can see Gaara sacrificing himself to save the village. It’s such a delight to watch that scene. It clearly shows the long path Gaara had traveled.

– Number 2: Kakashi –

top 5 male naruto characters kakashi

Kakashi is the best teacher, period. There is no other way to put it. Kakashi was the one taking those 3 little kids under his wing and help them develop what they became. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, all of the 3 have a lot to thank Kakashi for.

It’s true that other teachers came into these characters lives and made them stronger. However, it was Kakashi who taught them the roots of being a shinobi as also how to work as a team.

top 5 male naruto characters kakashi bells

When it comes to his personal life, it touched close to my heart when I got to know that many lessons and many parts of Kakashi’s personality came from Obito, his good friend who died at the war. I know, it’s an easy way for the writers to bring feelings in you, but, nevertheless, it suits so well to Kakashi which basically makes him probably the only character that would do something like that.

From what I see, Kakashi came from being a Sasuke 2.0 to a Naruto 2.0, staying in the middle and getting both worlds. While still analytical, strategic point of view and so on that we can see from Sasuke, he ends up having that warmer side from Naruto.

– Number 1: Itachi –

top 5 male naruto characters itachi cool look

Hell yeah! Itachi has to be number 1 on this list! It takes a lot to kill your own family for the greater good! Let me tell you, I wouldn’t do it!

The way Itachi created such a plan to save the village while at the same time letting his younger brother alive so he could avenge and kill Itachi one day is some kind of sacrifice that I’m not able to comprehend, that’s why I like him so much (and I am that kind of people who sacrifices themselves to have the others around me happier).

top 5 male naruto characters itachi protecting Sasuke

After years of seeing Sasuke hate against his older brother growing, as also seeing Itachi making things that completely go with Sasuke’s idea from him, I was super excited to watch Sasuke and Itachi battle. Finding in the end how much Itachi cared about Sasuke and decided to die without telling Sasuke the truth because of his happiness and even protecting him with his last breath… It’s just… Owo! That’s how an older brother should be regarding his younger brother… Without the killing all family thing of course!

And, that’s it! Hope you like this top because I’m thinking about doing some more like this one! XD Also, what about you? Who are your favorite male characters from Naruto? Tell me in the comments! 😀

top 5 male naruto kakashi cute
See You Soon! 😀

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  1. Such great characters! I would’ve probably replaced Sasuke with Neji, but that’s just a personal preference. Hell I probably would’ve put Neji right under Itachi lol.

  2. Bleach, One Piece,Gintama, and Naruto…all shows that I probably will never start with because of the crazy amount of episodes. But…still had fun reading this post…and I really had fun playing two of the Naruto games on the Playstation once ?

    1. Ahahah I completely get you! I feel the same! I only watched Naruto because I was watching it while the episodes were coming out!

      I won’t enter in any kind of Animes with so many episodes to watch XD Although I really wanted to get into Gintama… Everyone speaks so well about it!

      1. I honestly would also love to get into One Piece. I have heard so many great things about that series as well. But, I am already pressed for time as it is, and I just know I would never be able to complete it…not in this lifetime anyway ??

    1. It seems we have the same taste in Naruto characters then! I love Kakashi so much! 😀 Let’s see… Although Itachi is number one, if we would go for the boyfriend material I would choose 100% Kakashi ahah

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