Horimiya Episode 5 Discussion & Gallery

Horimiya Episode 5 Discussion & Gallery

Although I didn’t mind the episodes divided by several small scenes, I have to say that it’s nice to see a Horimiya’s episode where the story flows smoothly from one point to another. Instead of looking like disjointed parts of the same story, the episode went through each major plot point of the episode without actually changing the pace or the scenario. This without losing sight of the Anime’s biggest strengths – comedy.

I know – Kyouko thinking that Izumi is cheating on her doesn’t make much sense. But that’s what love (and probably anxiety) is all about. It’s not like she can’t think in an objective wair when they clear the air. It’s more that she can only assume the worst before speaking with Izumi. It was a funny bit that led to a more serious talk about Izumi’s confession. I don’t really understand whether they are now a couple or not. I mean, is Kyouko saying to his father that Izumi is her boyfriend the way to make them official? Honestly, it does look like something these two would do.

Speaking about Kyouko’s father, I really didn’t understand what’s his role in Kyouko’s life. He does seem to be an absent parent, but not a nasty one. You know, the ones we are used to seeing in Anime. Instead, both Kyouko and Kyouko’s mother seem completely fine with him visiting. Even though they treat him almost like a stranger… I really want to know more about this strange family relationship. Did you enjoy Horimiya’s episode five? Tell me everything down below. ?

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