Kemono Jihen Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery

Kemono Jihen Episode 10 Discussion & Gallery
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It makes sense that Kemono Jihen gives Akira the same screen time as Shiki. So, it wasn’t a surprise when episode 10 focused on his backstory and development. Honestly, for the most part, the scenes were a bit childish. Still, it does make sense that Akira would be upset by Shiki’s comments – they’re kids, after all! Of course, the same can be said on how Shiki missed Akira. Again, it was pretty obvious when the other two would miss her, as Akira is the one who does all the cooking and the cleaning. Additionally, she’s also Kabane’s translator, as he isn’t able to understand emotions, tone of voice, or irony.

The episode gave me huge Elsa vibes! The moment when Akira’s brother made an ice castle from nothing, I had to sing the ‘Let it go’, as one does in this situation. I still haven’t understood what’s happening with Akira’s brother. I know that it’s the amulet that’s freezing his heart. But there isn’t any explanation on why he’s wearing it or where he got it. But considering that nothing much has been shown about his past, it’s normal that we aren’t getting the full picture. That’s the Anime’s objective, after all.

The final scene made the episode! I know that the three guys will be swiftly rescued in the next episode. But the scene when Akira finds out his brother has frozen his friends was intense! Can’t wait to watch the next one! Did you enjoy Kemono Jihen’s episode 10? Tell me everything down below. ?  

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