Munou na Nana Episode 7 Discussion & Gallery

Munou na Nana Episode 7 Discussion & Gallery
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I’m really sad to say that Munou na Nana episode seven didn’t meet my expectations. I’ve been boasting about how intelligent the writing is for seven weeks now, but this episode was anything but that. There are two main scenes that could have been better. The first is the way Nana was able to run away right at the beginning of the episode. It doesn’t make sense for Yuuka to back away when Nana says she’s able to read her deceased boyfriend’s mind. Even if she wasn’t expecting it, it’s later said that Yuuka is able to control the powers of her minions. So, it would make much more sense to kill her there and then and just use her power through necromancy. It was the easy way out, and I’m not here for it. Similarly, Nana’s survival was just sheer luck. She was intelligent to deceive Yuuka by pretending she was barricading the door when, in fact, she was destroying the lock. Still, if Yuuka’s power didn’t fade away during the day, she would be dead. This would be easily fixed, though. Yuuka’s boyfriend never goes to classes because it’s during the day, so Nana could have had that thought process and assume that Yuuka couldn’t control the corpses in daylight. Maybe that’s what happens in the main source and was lost in the adaptation.

There are a few things I liked, though. It was interesting to know that the mountain is full of corpses of older students and teachers. Nana discovering that is an important step to understand she’s just a pawn of the higher-ups. Meanwhile, it was also strange to have a corpse inside the shed that looked like Nana a lot. Hopefully, it’s a clue about who Nana really is. Maybe she’s a robot or a clone, fabricated to kill anyone with superpowers. That would be a good plot twist. I also enjoyed the hints left throughout the episode. For example, I found it strange that Yuuka would just say that the memento to control Shinji was her necklace. But when Kyouya mentioned that the object was a bit loose, I thought that she was lying right away – I guess I was correct.

Finally, I also enjoyed seeing Nana’s small change of heart at the end of the episode, where she struggles about killing Yuuka, even if it’s just for a second. That brings a question, though. Why didn’t she show such compassion when she killed Nanao? Clearly, from all the victims so far, he was the nicest. Did you enjoy Munou na Nana episode seven? Tell me everything down below. ?

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