Noblesse Episode 13 Discussion & Gallery

Noblesse Episode 13 Discussion & Gallery

For a season finale, Noblesse’s episode 13 wasn’t really that great. First of all, the ultimate battle between Raizel and the lord wasn’t anything that surprising. I mean, most of the time, their fight was two red hurricanes glued together. On top of that, it didn’t help that Raizel (again) beat his opponent with ease, even if he felt like passing out afterward. I thought that, for once, we would see Raizel having some difficulties before beating his opponent, but I guess not.

Things don’t get better when it comes to the story itself. So, we discover that the previous lord and all clan leaders decided to kill themselves in order to step out and give the younglings their position. Of course, for this to work, nobody could know – are you kidding me? Couldn’t just the guys step out of their positions and go live in the countryside or something? You know, spend their timeless retirement in a chilled place? I mean, everything went to hell because of that! Especially when everyone thought that Raizel was the culprit. I guess the previous lord already imagined that things weren’t going to go that well, as he left half of his soul blade in Raizel’s mansion with a hidden message to his daughter… I don’t even know what to say – that’s fantasy, alright!

I believe the only good thing that came out of all of this is that everyone ended well and happily ever after. Until season two comes out, obviously. If I’m going to watch it, that’s another story – probably not! I really was expecting something better from Noblesse, especially when the Anime has so much potential. Did you enjoy Noblesse’s episode 13? Tell me everything down below. ?

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