Good Luck Girl! | Binbougami ga! Review – Just… Hilarious!

Good Luck Girl! | Binbougami ga! Review – Just… Hilarious!

Hello everyone and welcome to our place! 😀

Today we continue with our Random Anime Series! 😀 Now that I think about it, I completely forgot to tell you what Anime I got when I wrote my The Great Passage review. I’m so sorry >.<

Binbougami ga! review momou cute
Sorry~! :3

So, the Anime that appeared when I clicked in Generate was, no more, no less, than Good Luck Girl! Let me tell you, a great change of pace!

I’m loving doing this random Anime Series, it’s making me to know new Animes that are great and Good Luck Girl! is one of them! A great comedy to watch if you want to crack it up throughout the 13 episodes.

– Good Luck Girl! –

Binbougami ga! review


Good Luck Girl! Is around a girl called Ichiko Sakura who has everything: looks, intelligence and a LARGE amount of luck when it comes to anything. However, that amount of luck is putting the world out of balance. This way a goddess of poverty is sent to the Human World to take all of Sakura’s luck and give her an amulet that will make her to stop taking luck from the people around her.


Along the 13 episodes you will have what I sold you in the synopsis. Every episode there will be a new try of the goddess of poverty, Momiji, to take out Sakura’s happiness energy (always with an instrument that implicates a lot of pain) and every episode, she fails.

Binbougami ga! momiji gadgets

The story is great for someone who likes to pass a good time and crack up in every episode. You will have a lot of running comedic gags, which are actually funny! Randomness is word of the day and everything happening just takes you out by surprise, making it even funnier. As many comedies, Good Luck Girl! Also throws out some renown Anime shows and makes fun out of them.

However, more or less in the middle of the show, the tone starts to change a little bit. It becomes a little more serious and emotional. I think this was not the best decision the developers came out. The problem here is, even though they want to throw some emotion in there so you get more attached to the characters (which I don’t think they needed, I got attached to the character by the comedic factor) they didn’t want to lose completely the comedy part, which made some events a little confusing in what creators wanted for us to feel. Think of emotional events always ending with a comedic part. It does not make much sense in my opinion and just makes the Anime not to be emotion, but also not funny, especially when this starts to happen a lot of times and you end up just waiting for the comedic gag.

Binbougami ga! review funny

Nevertheless, it’s a great story. It’s a shame that doesn’t have a second season, but I enjoyed the Anime throughout all the episodes.


The main characters are Momiji and Sakura. But along the series, there will be more characters. Some from the god World others from the Human World. All of the characters are made for comedy purposes, so you won’t really take anyone serious besides the main characters and Keita, a side character who is there to be the romance of one of them.

Binbougami ga! review momiji
Talk about relatable

Nevertheless, the characters that are supposed to be the most important, the main characters are well constructed. They start a little plane, but throughout the story they start to develop and become more complex, which was something I loved.

The relationship between the main characters are also great to watch. They start as 100% antagonists, but you are able to watch them grow closer and closer. Although still enemies they need each other.

Binbougami ga! review pizza scene
In a strange kind of way of course

Animation | Audio

For an Anime to be funny animation and audio are important. Good Luck Girl! Creators knew that and made sure that everything went accordingly.

Binbougami ga! review closet scene
Yes, that’s the gif from my homepage 😀

When it comes to animation itself, it’s what you should be used from modern Anime right now. The design is polished and pretty, while the animation is fluid and most of the times flawless.

When it comes to voice acting, I didn’t sense a problem at all. Everything plays out great and it makes the scenes even funnier. So, no kind of problems with that.
I love the music from the opening. It’s really upbeat and catchy:

– Conclusion –

It’s a great anime if you don’t want to do a lot of thinking and just want to laugh your heart out! Everything is created in a way that I found hilarious and made me crack up a lot of times! However, I didn’t really think much about the more emotional and serious part of the story. In fact, I think they should just let it be and continue with the comedy.

I give Good Luck Girl!

Binbougami ga! Rating

And you? Have you seen Good Luck Girl before? What do you think about it? Comment down below! If you still didn’t watch it, tell me if you are thinking on doing it XD

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See you soon! 😀
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  1. It’s interesting how you didn’t like the more serious parts of the story. I feel the same way about Naruto fillers (just want them to be funny) so I think I can understand.

    1. Well, basically the show gets out of what they know to do and try to add this more serious parts but fail (in my opinion). Really? XD Well, it depended a lot on the fillers. There were some background stories that I really liked to watch even though they were not as funny 😛

  2. I liked your post (which probably doesn’t come as a real surprise as I always enjoy reading them), but I am not a huge comedy fan (in fact it’s pretty much the only genre that I usually skip). So…I’m going to pass on this one ?

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