Top 3 Best New Anime of Spring 2020

Top 3 Best New Anime of Spring 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to our shelter. The Spring season is finally over, and before the Summer season kicks off completely, it’s time to share what are my favorites Animes that I’ve been following in the past few months. Small disclaimer: I will only consider Animes debuting this spring season, which means that recurring Anime and sequels won’t be considered. So, if you don’t find some of your favorites, take that into consideration.

As usual, I watched all the new Anime coming out before choosing which ones to follow throughout the season. Of course, this means that I ended up dropping many along the way and didn’t watch their endings. Despite this, if I dropped them, it was because they weren’t impressive enough (for me, of course). Also, if you want to read more about my feelings towards each Anime displayed on this top list, I’ll be providing links to reviews for all of them throughout this article. So, here we go:

Number 3 – Gleipnir

Top 3 - Gleipnir

You might think that Gleipnir shouldn’t have a place on a top list, and I completely understand you. The over-sexualized scenes are nothing to die for, and the Anime would be way better off without them. As I discussed in my review, I’m not even sure why the creators decided to have such an out-of-place fan service, to begin with. However, if you can bypass that, you end up with a nice dark story, full of gore moments that I personally love. Moreover, the mysterious surrounding Shuichi’s monster form and Clair’s past is quite interesting, and I found myself going back every week, excited to discover how the story would unravel. Unfortunately, this is just the first season and some loose ends still need to be tied up. At the same time, the ending was quite good at explaining some things while leaving some parts for the next season, which I’ll be following for sure.

Number 2 – BNA: Brand New Animal

Top Anime - Brand New Animal

I guess Brand New Animal is one of those Animes that started really weak (in my opinion), but finished with a bang. My main problem with it was the episodical approach the story was having in the first episodes. However, when the plot started to thicken and we started to see the Animacity’s real problems, I found myself loving the series. Moreover, Michiru and Shinrou – the main characters – are quite interesting to follow and easy to love. So, yeah, I highly recommend anyone who’s looking for a unique Anime with a different type of animation, and a good mystery on the side.

Number 1 – Tower of God

Best Anime Spring 2020 Tower of God

I’m sure you saw this one coming. The truth is, Tower of God was, without a doubt, the best Anime debuting this season. Don’t get me wrong, though – Tower of God is far from perfect. There are plenty of issues regarding Rachel’s and Baam’s character construction. I’m also not sure if rushing the intro for more action-based scenes was worthwhile. Despite this, I loved the HunterxHunter vibe, and I’m completely in love with Khun, as well as all Jahad Princesses. Moreover, Tower of God was able to excite me every week, and I would watch the new episode right when it came out. Last but not least, I’m sure some of the problems I have with the Anime will be resolved in future seasons. They all revolve around explanations for Rachel’s behavior and how the tower actually works.

And, that’s it – my top 3 favorite Animes of the season. What about yours? Which Anime series did you follow, and which ones you loved the most? Tell me all in the comments down below ?

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