Akudama Drive Episode 12 Discussion & Gallery

Akudama Drive Episode 12 Discussion & Gallery
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I never expected that I would go through such an emotional ride with Akudama Drive. The twelfth (and final) episode was perfect, and it had everything he needed to have to finish the Anime in an excellent way. On the one hand, it was heartbreaking to watch Swindler and Courier dying to protect the children. On the other hand, it felt so good when Swindler presents herself as an akudama, and the Anime showcases her intro as it did with all the other characters. It really translated the gigantic evolution this character had, and it was impossible not to love her down the line.

Of course, Akudama Drive couldn’t end with some heavy-action scenes. It’s what made the series stand out in the beginning, after all. From Courier doing some dangerous moto tricks to the civilians rebelling against the executioners, the final episode offered a great mix between emotional and action-based scenes. My only small nitpick is that Executioner Apprentice didn’t get a conclusive ending. I’m quite sure she’s against what the executioners did, and she probably went against them when the city was rebuilt, but that’s up to everyone’s imagination.

In short, Akudama Drive clearly is an Anime to watch – a hidden gem of this 2020 Fall season, if you will. Did you enjoy the Akudama Drive’s final episode? Tell me everything in the comments. ?

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