Akudama Drive Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery

Akudama Drive Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery
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After watching episode 3, I can say that Akudama Drive is another underrated Anime of this Fall season (Munou na Nana being the other one). Is the story deep? No! Did the characters go over life-changing personality changes? Not really! Even so, Akudama Drive is just so freaking fun to watch.

In episode 3, the cat’s plan is finally put into motion, and almost everything goes smoothly. There was a barrier that no one was expecting, and the train ends up departing before it was supposed to (with everyone on board, of course). It was funny to see how almost everyone in the group was necessary for the plan to work. Even Hooldun had his part by falling on top of the elevator button at the exact second he was supposed to. I also enjoyed seeing that the only ordinary person in the group seems to be the smartest one. Not only did she have to think fast in order to press the elevator on time, but she also understood right away that she was the one that had to enter the train to open it to Courier.

In a nutshell, it was a fast-paced episode with great animation, some funny parts, and enjoyable overall. What are your thoughts about Akudama Drive’s episode 3? Tell me everything down below. ?

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