Beastars Season 2 Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery

Beastars Season 2 Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery
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Legoshi is becoming funnier with each episode of Beastars. In episode three, I laughed pretty hard when he was trying to stay calm while the other stupid sheep was talking and when he proudly said that he was a virgin. However, the main star of this episode was Louis! I mean, the scene where he eats meat was pretty strong! I wasn’t expecting that he would actually eat it, though. But I guess he had to do something pretty savage to become the lion clan leader.

Of course, I’m not going to go over the biological aspect of the scene. I’m pretty sure herbivores don’t have the stomach to handle meat – that’s why they only eat plants, after all. However, as my boyfriend pointed out, we’re speaking about intelligent creatures that can go against their instincts – he probably just vomited everything afterward when no one was looking. I’m curious to see what Louis wants to do, as I’m fairly positive he didn’t join the lion clan just to help them continue selling meat. He probably wants to dismantle the full operation from within.

Moreover, after that cliffhanger, I’m psyched to watch Beastars next episode. The moment Legoshi commented he couldn’t smell because of his cold, I knew that an enemy would lurk in the shadows without him realizing it. Did you notice how close he was able to get with Haru, though? Maybe that’s the way they can have a relationship – Legosji just needs to have a cold at all times! Did you enjoy Beastars episode 3? Tell me everything down below. 🙂

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