Horimiya Episode 8 Discussion & Gallery

Horimiya Episode 8 Discussion & Gallery
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Horimiya doesn’t make it easy, does it? Right off the bat, episode eight was heartbreaking. It might have lasted only for a few minutes, but that small bit where Myamura spoke with his past self was depressing. Honestly, it hit far too close to home, as I would have a similar talk with my past self. Maybe the theme would not be the same (fortunately, I always had friends around), but I would tell myself not to worry, as things will be better in the future.

I also enjoyed that the episode focuses on the couple that I liked the least – Remi and Kakeru. It seems that the characters were more three-dimensional than I realized. If I previously asked myself if Remi did love Kakeru, the answer is pretty clear now. They make a great couple and are perfect for each other. I won’t see them with the same eyes in the following episodes, that’s for sure!

Miyamura and Kyouko’s bit wasn’t as appealing, though. It’s funny that Kyouko has this masochist side of her, but it’s not really something that I enjoy watching. Especially when it’s clear that Miyamura isn’t keen on that type of relationship. Finally, I loved Yuki’s part, mostly because I love the new character – Akane. I wonder if they will end up together. I mean, it would be an interesting twist, that’s for sure. I’m certain that most of us think that Yuki and Tooru will end up together. Well, can’t wait to see how this relationship will develop. Did you enjoy Horimiya’s episode eight? Tell me everything down below. ?

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