Mushoku Tensei Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

Mushoku Tensei Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery
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Mushoku Tensei’s episode six went fast – I’ll give you that! It was entertaining, and before I realized the episode was over. Still, there are just a few things that make me not recommend this Anime, even if it has an excellent fantasy story. Of course, I’m speaking about the main character’s predator behavior. I’m going to repeat myself, but well… You’ll just have to bear it with me! It’s not ok to have a character with a 40-year-old mind making moves on little children. That’s called pedophilia – there, I said it! I would be completely fine if the character took advantage of his child body to make moves on older women (considering that they would just dismiss him, of course). But having this kid, who’s actually above 40, taking advantage of a kid while she’s asleep is just too much. I mean, he grabs her boobs and proceeds to a failed attempt of stealing her panties.

Let’s imagine that we lived in a world where people could transform their bodies to look whatever they want. Would it be ok for a 40-year-old pedophile to change his body to a child in order to approach kids? No! So why do the author and some of the fans seem blind to this? You could argue that this is Anime, not real life – it’s a fantasy world and that the characters aren’t real. Sure, you’re right! However, if you don’t care about Anime characters, I can’t see you as a true Anime fan. They can be 2D, but I have feelings for these characters the same way I would have feelings for a character being played by an actor in a movie. So, it still disgusts me.

The only way where this type of scene would make sense would be if it was important for the plot. For instance, if Mushoku Tensei explored Eris’s psychological evolution for being abused while in her sleep. But no! Everything is played out almost as a joke. Like a “boys will be boys” kind of thing, which is a bit dangerous, if you ask me. And look, there’s a place for these types of stories. There are even people who defend that these kinds of things can help pedophiles in not attacking real kids. That’s ok and all! But it’s alarming that such a setting is being plaid off in such a popular Anime. It’s a shame because the Anime had everything to be great.

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