Noblesse Episode 5 Discussion & Gallery

Noblesse Episode 5 Discussion & Gallery
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For the most part, Noblesse’s episode five was a build-up to M-21’s character evolution, where he shifts his loyalty from his past colleagues to his current friends. In other words, most part of the episode was about seeing Shin-Woo, Woo, and Regis being beaten up. I guess the build-up was well done, and M-21’s breaking point was at the perfect timing – something that later also made Regis stronger to get out of his restraints and fight Shark.

Now, what I was curious about was to see Take and Tao’s reactions, and I’m happy to say they were well done. Instead of falling into the mistake of having these characters have a change of heart right away, the creators decided to go for a more subtle approach. Takeo stops Shark when he’s ready to kill Shin-Woo, whereas Tao doesn’t know how to respond when Woo asks for his help. It makes sense and will make a better character evolution down the road.

Of course, I also need to speak about all the fighting happening in this episode. There are four main fights: Shark against M-21 and (later against Regis), Seira and Hammer’s encounter, Frankenstein and Takeo battle, and (finally) Regis versus Kratz. Now the Shark fight was not exciting to watch, as there always an overpowered party. First, he completely trashes M-21, then he gets trashed by Regis. The animation looked cool, and it always feels good to see such strong yet smooth attacks. However, for the fight itself, it’s not appealing. The same can be said about the battle between Kratz and Regis fight, where the former had the upper-hand entirely. We also only got a glimpse of the fight between Seira and Hammer, so there isn’t much to speak about besides telling you that I’m excited to finally see Seira’s powers. The only battle that got me at the edge of my seat was the one between Takeo and Frankenstein. They both have amazing powers, and they’re neck-to-neck, making a more pleasant fight to watch. Of course, the animation also makes a huge part of this.

If anything, Noblesse episode five made me feel excited about what’s going to happen next. I’m extremely curious to watch Raizel’s fight against Kratz, and I’m pretty sure the other two battles will also be amazing. Did you enjoy Noblesse’s episode five? Tell me everything down below. ?

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