Sk8 the Infinity Episode 7 Discussion & Gallery

Sk8 the Infinity Episode 7 Discussion & Gallery

I guess I was wrong. Some episodes ago, I said that Reki might be ok with being just the guy who creates boards for Langa. After episode seven, that’s clearly not true. It took a while, but the thought of falling behind has finally caught with Reki. The Anime did a great job going through these bitter-sweet emotions, where Reki wants to feel happy for his friend’s development, but he can’t. I’m also happy that the author didn’t make Reki just feel envious of Langa, as this would go against Reki’s overall personality. Instead, we can see that he’s sad because no matter how much he trains, he isn’t able to reach Langa’s level. Of course, he also needs to understand that Langa has been snowboarding since he was two – there was a lot of training involved before they met. Even so, I’m empathic towards Reki, and I understand why he isn’t able to cope with that feeling and doesn’t want to be near Langa right now.

I’ll have to say that the protagonists seemed like a couple at the end of the episode. Even though the scenes were extremely well made and emotional, I still felt that two friends wouldn’t reach in such a somber way. But, honestly, it’s good to see two guys being emotional on the screen even when they’re straight. It’s more than time to debunk the idea that men don’t have feelings or can’t cry in public (I know they didn’t cry per sais, but that’s basically the meaning of the rain droplets falling in their eyes). Did you enjoy Sk8 episode 7? Tell me everything down below. ?

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