Mushoku Tensei Episode 7 Discussion & Gallery

Mushoku Tensei Episode 7 Discussion & Gallery

With fewer sex references in this episode (more on that later), Mushoku Tensei episode 7 was easier to digest. Not only the number of cringy scenes went down a lot, but I didn’t feel as disgusted as in the previous episode. Now, I understand that Mushoku Tensei’s story happens in the middle ages. So, it’s expected to have a lot of nudity. It’s the same as Game of Thrones – when you want to have a true image of the middle ages, then sex needs to be mentioned. However, I’m still against a 34-year-old going for children and how tone deaft the Anime can be when handling sexual assault. That didn’t happen that much this episode, though. But I wonder how much about sext the author knows. I’m speaking about the noble who advises Rudeus to use a condom.

If we’re in the middle ages, then there shouldn’t be any knowledge about STDs. This way, I can only guess that the condom would be to prevent unwanted pregnancy (Rudeus’ father should learn about this as well). The thing, it’s doubtful that an eight-year-old has developed enough to impregnate someone, as sperm development starts when boys have (at least) 11 years old and can happen as late as 14. So, this scene is just unnecessary and doesn’t make sense. If the author wants to go for a correct image of the middle ages, then they should have their facts straight.

But it’s funny that Rifujin na Magonote responded that the character was only this kind of stuff in the earlier episodes because he saw others like gaming characters… Here we are, at episodes 7-8, and things are even worse. Still, the episode deserves some praise. I’m especially happy with what Ghyslaine. She’s no longer the violent knight with big boobs. Instead, she’s been developing into a more in-the-middle character, who’s loyal and puts Eris and Rudeus in high regard. Did you enjoy Mushoku Tensei’s episode 7? Tell me everything down below. ?

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