Wonder Egg Priority Episode 1 Discussion & Gallery

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 1 Discussion & Gallery
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The animation was what first surprised me on Wonder Egg Priority’s first episode. On top of being great, it was clearly a different style than what we are used to with modern Anime. Not only were the close-ups extremely well done and the attention to detail superb, but even the animation movement is paced in a different (but excellent) way. I always find it hard to explain why I like a specific animation style, but I think the best way to put it is – the animation was very close to what we usually get from Anime movies.

But things got even more interesting when the story went through. I love Animes where you’re not sure what’s real and what’s a dream – Paprika is a great example of that. So, I was quite curious to know more about the egg and what the world Ai was sent to. I was positively surprised, yet again. The idea that the MC needs to help girls who committed suicide due to bullying in order to resurrect her best friend who died the same way is… Brilliant!

Although the show didn’t come out as scary (probably because of the monsters’ design), it was able to put me on edge, rooting for Ai and the egg girl’s wellbeing. In short, clearly an Anime I’ll be following throughout the season. Did you enjoy Wonder Egg Priority’s first episode? Tell me everything down below. ?

I’ll be adding new galleries throughout the season as new episodes come out. Enjoy! If you have a website and want to use one of my images, feel free to do so. I’ll be happy if you backlink to this article, but it’s not mandatory.

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