Wonder Egg Priority Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery
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Wonder Egg Priority’s episode six was probably the weakest so far. The way the Anime jumped back and forward between the real and the ‘suicidal’ worlds was challenging to follow, which made this episode confusing as hell. There was even a time where I wasn’t sure what was the episode’s timeline. Due to this, some more serious scenes, such as Ai deciding to go back to school, were lost in the translation, and I didn’t understand the main reason for her doing so.

That being said, the Anime did lift some interesting plot points regarding Ai’s professor. The girls are still wondering if the guy had some kind of influence in Koito’s suicide, but the added mystery of whether Ai is in love with the professor brings a new complete layer. I’m not sure if the story is going through that route, but I think it would best not to. It just doesn’t make much sense, considering what we saw so far. I would say that the professor does get pretty cozy with his students. If he does that with an ulterior motive or not, that’s another story.

While Ai might have taken some time to realize that her mother and professor were starting to get close to each other, it was clear as water that they were interested. So, the news that they wanted to start dating was more of a surprise to Ai than me. The moment Ai said that her mother only cooked that specific meal on special days, I knew that was what was going to happen.

At this moment, I’m not sure how the plot is going to develop. All characters are presented, and it’s time to tackle the main story with a bigger focus. Hopefully, the Anime doesn’t fall apart with this change of pace. Did you enjoy Wonder Egg Priority’s episode six? Tell me everything down below. ?

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