Wonder Egg Priority Episode 9 Discussion & Gallery

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 9 Discussion & Gallery

After the small setback Wonder Egg Priority had in the previous episode, the story continues full speed ahead. And what an episode! Although there was space for a bigger philosophy deep dive, having Neiru deciding whether she should unplug her friend’s life support or not was an interesting take. I also didn’t expect that Neiru was fabricated. I’m guessing she’s an android(?) Regardless of the correct term, it does explain her lack of emotions. Maybe lack of emotions isn’t the best word – let’s call it a more objective mind.

Overall, what started as a fun afternoon where the girls painted their nails together became a serious subject of whether someone should unplug someone’s life support. I think this is a very personal choice that is rooted in the center of our being. So, I’m not going to say if what Neiru and Ai ended up doing was correct or not. Still, if it was me who was in a vegetal state and in need of life support to survive, I would prefer that my loved ones let me go. It seems that if I stayed in that limbo state, no one would be able to properly mourn me and continue with their lives.

Personal life philosophies aside, I wonder if we’ll have some more insight into Momoe’s life in the next episode. I know episode nine showed who’s behind the Wonder Egg Priority project, but I hope that they take the time to focus on Momoe before getting into the last part of the Anime. She’s the only one missing a life update of the four girls. Did you enjoy Wonder Egg Priority’s episode nine? Tell me everything down below. ?

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