The 30-ish Day Anime Challenge | A christmas gift to you <3

The 30-ish Day Anime Challenge | A christmas gift to you

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

Thanksgiving has already gone (for the ones who celebrate it – not me xD) and we are around that time of the year again! 😀 So I wanted to give you a little present and I thought to myself “Which is best to give them if not letting them to know myself a little more”… Yes a really self-centered thought I know! 😀


I came across the 30 day anime challenge in Sirius blog (Go give him some love) and asked him to give me permission to steal his idea (that’s how you steal things right?), he gave me and here we are!!! It’s not going to be 30 days though (failing before starting \o/), because day 2 is to talk about my favourite anime and I am almost finishing my top 10 animes and I don’t want to kill the suspense and give it my number 1 away like that! 😀 This way I’m going to scratch day 2 and when we are in day 2 I’ll just skip it to day 3!!! Yes, it’s cheating… Sorry. Above all that, it’s a really good way to let you know a little more about myself! 🙂 It’s going to be 29 daily posts (smaller ones though) telling all sort of things about my anime life ^.^

Ah! Before I forget! I am starting it today so it ends in 25th of December! Yeah, I have everything planned and figured out (NOT!)


So here is the challenge:





Well, the first time I watched anime I didn’t even knew that it was anime lolol and I was still a kid, so my memories are a little fuzzy, but I’m going to say it was Dragon Ball Z (probably).


I know this is an unpopular opinion, but even in that time I didn’t like Dragon Ball (sorry for the lovers out there!).

Don’t kill me please!!! ><

The problem with it was the pace of the scenes… Really!!! Almost an episode to do a kamehame? I could bypass the horrible portuguese dub, but this one I could not! Even when I was like  years old! I know, I know, It was different in that time, it was the best they could do motion wise, it was still the beginning, yada yada yada… But really, even though all of that It just made me not to watch it. I just changed the channel when it started and went to watch cartoons 😛

What do you think of this challenge? Do you think you are going to enjoy it? Comment down below!!!! And…. HO HO HO! MERRY (ALMOST) CHRISTMAS!


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  1. Goodluck on this challenge: 29 days of continous posts is quite a lot, so good luck is definitely in order ?
    I’m not a huge Dragonball Z lover either, so you are not alone ? Looking forward to the rest of your posts for this challenge ?

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