Arthifis and Irina misinterprete Steins;Gate 0 – Part 4

Arthifis and Irina misinterprete Steins;Gate 0 – Part 4

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My collab with Irina continues! 😀 Hope you are having a good time until now 🙂

This is a 4 part post/collab, and you are in the moment at the fourth (and last) part of it! If you still didn’t read any of it, here’s the links:


For this conversation you will have two colors. The one with the blue color is me, Arthifis, the more “cream”/”Orange” is Irina!

We will be talking about our theories from an Anime we love – Steins;Gate 0 and well, is just basically a conversation between Irina and me being geeky about Steins;Gate xD Just a disclaimer, we are doing theories only taking into account the Anime (not the games) 😛 So think of it just knowing what is happening until the last episode of Steins;Gate 0 😛 It does have spoilers though, so beware!

Steins;Gate 0 Theories part 4 spoilers
Don’t come back telling I didn’t warn you!

This time around, it’s me who starts in this part 😀

Amane is free of charge, Reyes Judy is guilty:

Now, something that Steins;Gate 0 is doing over and over is to create suspicions towards Amane and Reyes.

Well, I don’t think Amane is one of the bad guys. That would lead to a paradox… Right? Basically Amane will need to hook up with Daru at least once. Suzuha will need to be born so she can come back from the future and be in the Steins;Gate 0 timeline

That, or Amane is, in fact, one of the bad guys, but she will then come around and be one of the good ones! 😀

Steins Gate Theories part 4 amane
Don’t worry Suzuha! You will have your happy ending… Somewhere

When it comes to Reyes, the female american professor… Well, I have my eyes into her since the time Maho was being pursued by someone and then, there she is, to save the day a new character that we never seen before, but who was friends’ of Maho. From that moment I felt that it was too perfect to be true! It just doesn’t make sense and is way too much of coincidence to happen…

Now, that I think more into it, maybe Reyes is there to help and save Maho instead? Well, that could also be a possibility now that I think of it.

Steins Gate Theories part 4 Reyes

Nevertheless, one thing is certain, the Americans are looking for the time machine and she is American… Moreover, she always ends up being in the right place in the right time way too many times. So yeah, she is involved and I would say she is one of the bad guys… But, I could be wrong!

This one is gut instinct for me – If I was to be honest – everything leads me to think that the Americans here are indeed the antagonists. We had that supper suspicious look given by Reyes a few episodes ago. And if Maho is in on it then it fits into my fantasy twist ending that will probably not happen.

This said, because I don’t agree with the base paradox premise, I can’t say I’m coming to this conclusion from the same evidence. In fact I have no evidence other than an acceptance of certain narrative traditions.

Steins Gate Theories part 4 maho.jpg

I just can’t see Maho the antagonist, willing. However, I’m with you! I think we will have an episode where Maho will discover that all the work she has been doing is for the guys who will be in one side of the World War 3. In fact, I would go even a little more far. I think that it’s only Reyes who is the bad guy, the professor is also one.

I mean, come on, it felt a little strange for them to be completely ok while Maho was completely stressed out when Amadeus went down.

And for now, that’s what I have! 😀 There is also the question of Kagari being Amadeus 2.0, but I’ve already talked about that before 🙂

Reading Steiner activated which means someone traveled in a way that is affecting Okabe’s worldline. Could one of our players be a secret time traveler? Maybe even just a mind leaper like Okabe (since we now know reading steiner isn’t a unique ability) rather than a physical traveller like Suzu?

Steins Gate Theories reading steiner.jpg

Uuuuh, that’s a nice question and that I didn’t thought before… Let me think… Why not both? What I’m thinking is, in the future they probably already have some sort of time machine, maybe they sent someone back to see if they were able to win the World War 3 even before it started?

In fact, now that I think about it, it’s a little strange that there ano no more people coming back from the future… Or maybe they are and both groups that we see in the present are from the future? Think about it, it would explain why they found Daru’s hidden place so fast… Yeah, they could have implemented some kind of device so they could track Kurisu’s computer if it has been hacked… But when would they do so? The story makes us believe that Maho always had Kurisu’s computer and none of the factions entered Maho’s room while she tried to guess the password a million of times… What do you think about this? Maybe to farfetched?

If we assume that either Yuki or Reyes are in on it (this is Steins;Gate – maybe neither are) then Yuki could have learned of the hideout from Daru and Reyes could have spied on Maho. Tracking device could have been used on either the laptop, Maho or Daru for that matter even Okabe.

Fact is Dr. L is super interested in Lintalo and they all know that he seems to have some sort of connection to Kurisu that they never knew about… They could be keeping an eye on hm even now.

Steins;Gate 0 Theories Dr L

Hmmm Well, I think if Reyes knew about the computer then she would already have it by now… In fact, now that I think about it, it makes more sense for being the Americans destroying the computer a couple of episodes ago. If the Amadeus theory is true, then the Americans already believe that they have a way to get information about the time machine.

Why would Reyes already have it – why not let Maho do all the work of trying to break into it, while keeping an eye on her? If Maho got it before Judy, it would have looked suspicious if it just disappeared all the sudden…

However, in the other hand, we have that the russians are already making tests, so we are made believe that they are more developed in that subject, which would mean that they would be the ones with interest in destroying the computer… Arrrrg, Steins;Gate at its best… Everything is possible if you think a little about it!

Regarding Dr. L, yeah, I agree with you entirely!

And that’s it everyone! I hope you had a good time! I sure had 😛

The conclusion, you ask? Well, the conclusion is that everything is possible and we continue in square 1! But hey! We never said that we would get into a somewhat intelligent conclusion! You know me… You know Irina… So, what would you expect? xD

Tell us in the comments what you thought about this collab and if you would like to have more collabs between me and Irina misinterpreting things 😉

Steins;Gate 0 Theories part 4 ending

See You Soon! 😀

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