What Would I Change to Make Dynamic Chord Bearable To Watch

What Would I Change to Make Dynamic Chord Bearable To Watch
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As I told you some posts ago, I decided to bring the Horrible Anime Quest series a little further. This way, instead of only reviewing probably the worst Anime ever, I will actually giving my thoughts regarding what would I change to that said show to make it at least bearable to watch.

I’m going to start with Dynamic Chord. This one, as you know, I’ve already done the review and you can read it here.

Before we start, let me just explain that I’ll take into account the budget since, from the info I was able to gather, that was one of the main reasons for some of the problems we got with Dynamic Chord. So, without further ado, let’s start!

– Plot –

Don’t worry, I’m just going to make things better so it can sell more okay~?

Clearly, this is where we can change the most! I know that Dynamic Chord is an otome game, which means it’s focused in you getting to know every each of the characters and enter in a romance with them (?) To be honest, I never played the game, so I don’t really have a complete understanding about the story there. However, I can completely understand that it wouldn’t make much sense to just add a female character meeting all of these band members and get into a relationship with all of them. I mean, unless we wanted to go for a true reverse harem… But, that’s not what I’m trying to go for.

In fact, the plots they add to each band are not that bad. However, the problem is more about the amount of different bands/problems they put inside one season of 12 episodes. In fact, this creates a problem of not having the time to deeply go to any of the stories, as neither the characters.

As I stated in my review, Dynamic chord features 4 different bands. rêve parfait, Liar-S, KYOHSO and apple-polisher. If you think that each band has 4 different characters you get to a total of 16 characters. If you add managers, CEO of the company and so on you get roughly 20 characters. For a 12 episode series it’s just unthinkable to add so many characters and try to give antenna time to each one of them.

That’s way too many characters to focus on in 12 episodes!

In fact, the franchise itself didn’t present all 4 bands in one game. No! You have one game for each band, which makes completely sense to me. Nevertheless, I think that having 4 seasons of Dynamic Chord is way too much.

This way, I would cut that in half. One season focused in rêve parfait and Liar-S, while the second season would focus on KYOSHO and apple-polisher.

Now, rêve parfait seems to be the one where the creators focus more. This way, I would go with a plot that clearly introduces the band members and their friendship. Then, give them some obstacles which they need to overpass (the ones in the actual Anime is completely ok for me). Ending their part with the last concert in Dynamic Chord which features all 4 bands and it’s suppose to be the first big concert of rêve parfait.

And they are pretty cute!

Then, I would start Liar-S arc. Basically, coming back in time and use the same formula. However, here I would add some commentary about what was happening with rêve parfait to show that the timing is equal.

If everything went ok, then proceed to second season and use the same formula for the last 2 bands. Maybe, I would even add an “extra” last episode featuring the day of the final concert. Now, with a good perception with all the characters and the different bands (as also having some time irl passed) I think it would be a cute ending, just see all bands together that we have learnt to love.

Ok, Liar-S members are way cuter than reve parfait!

With this kind of plot I’m able to save money for the first season. First there would be way less voice acting needed since I just cut the characters to half. Secondly, instead of having 4 outros featuring each band, you will just have 2. Moreover, since there are not as many different characters, probably the drawing cost would also go lower a bit. I mean, instead of 20 “protagonists” you will just have 10. Also, with half of the bands you would need to produce half of the music.

– Animation-

As you could see, I was able to save some money in the plot. This money would be mostly invested here.in my opinion, is where the biggest flop in Dynamic Chord happens.

The design is good and I wouldn’t change a thing. However, the animation itself is… Well, I wouldn’t say horrible, since it’s non-existent, especially in the beginning of the season.

This way, what I would do is to invest way more in animation at the beginning. We are all busy people and we all know that those first episodes can make someone watch the full Anime (even if it gets a little worse around the end) or just drop it from the bat (even if it gets better in the end).

Ok… Maybe awkward hugs like this one are not the best option.

I understand that there is not really much action happening and it’s a more conversation heavy environment. This way, it’s really important that the characters’ expressions animation is done correctly and don’t feel strange/awkward. Also, even if you are not going for a difficult animation, I would at least add some movement to the static images, just to create the sensation of flow.

– Voice Acting –

Don’t be mad! You’ll appear on season 2, I swear!

If you have half of the characters, then I believe that you would be able to throw some more voice acting in there, right? The voice acting itself is not bad. However, the amount of conversation is way too low.

Meaning, if we are going for a more chilled and slow animation, then we need to add way more conversation and voice acting to it. If not, the Anime will just become plain boring. So yeah, with the money saved I would invest in the hired voice actors and add a bunch of conversations that would add to the story and character building.

– Conclusion –

Basically the idea is not that difficult. I would just cut the bands featured in the first season to half. With this I would be able to focus more into the story and characters of each band, making it more interesting to watch, while saving money at the same time.

With all the saved money, I would go for better animation and more conversations between the characters, making Dynamic Chord more… Well… Dynamic! This taking more emphasis in the beginning of the season. If we think about it, if it gets good rates in the beginning more investment would probably come and we could improve the later episodes of the season with that money.

If the first season went good, then I would go for a second season featuring the other 2 bands. Then completing Dynamic Chord with a bang episode featuring all 4 bands interacting with each other and singing in the last concert of the Anime.

And that’s it! What are your thoughts? Would you watch Dynamic Chord if it was like this? Moreover, if you have watched the Anime, tell me what would you change to make it a decent Anime in the comments below! 🙂

See You Soon!

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    1. Ahahah 😀 Well that’s because you are an awesome person xP

      Oh thank you! Maybe I should just quit and start writing ideas for Anime channels ??

      1. Oh no, I know that Karandi started another campaign this sunday on the “ Let’s make Raistlin blush….again…” front, but please no need to take it any further ?
        Besides…this compliment was meant for you, not me lol? Seriously though: you have some great ideas, and who knows?Never say never..it could not hurt to give it a try ?

  1. This seems like an interesting idea looking at how to change an anime to improve it. I haven’t watched Dynamic Chord so don’t really have an opinion on this one but I did enjoy reading why you wanted to change and why.

  2. I think many people’s problem is they watched Utapri before this, and ever since, people have been comparing this (as well as every single other boyband anime) to it, which isn’t fair at all. I really enjoyed it because of the numerous music tracks in it. It’s not just the same song that gets sung every single concert, etc. Also, this anime is kinda looking at things from the perspective of the record agency, and the groups signed to them.

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