Anime number 4 – Toradora!

Anime number 4 – Toradora!
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Hi everyone and welcome to my place! 😀

Goood!!! It’s number 4 already??? Time flies when you are having fun hun? 😀 Well, as every post of my top series… AS you already know from the title, today I’ll be reviewing my 4th all time favourite Toradora! This one is well-known to everybody and probably have tons of reviews way better and more structured than mine… BUT! I couldn’t just not put it in a solid 4!!!!


Let’s start with the story shall we? The anime series follows a guy called Ryuuji Takasu that does not have many friends. Specially because of his “killer eyes” that makes everyone think he is a delinquent. One day he bumps into Taiga, a tsundere, and they start their relationship in a really bad way. Later that day (I think it’s in the same day) he finds a love letter in his bag from Taiga… But it’s empty! In the evening Taiga breaks into Ryuuji house and tries to kill him with a baseball bat because he found her secret (just a small comment: she is with a huge fever)… To show her that he is not going to tell her secret he shows his own secret, a box full of unsent letters, poems, musics and so on to his crush Minori. Since each one of them are good friends with the crush the other one has they start working together as matchmaker to help each other 😛


That’s the gist of it. The series start from there and you know that with this premise you will have a lot of fun events and misunderstandings. I laughed my heart out with this one! However, the anime has a romantic theme, so you will also find some tender moments and some sad moments! Moreover, it does not take a genius to understand who is going to end with who 😀


Now, about the characters. I really love the main characters a lot. Taiga is this hot-tempered girl who, although really small, thinks that she can beat anyone up! It’s also really fun to watch a character like this (which normally are flawless) to be really clumsy and space minded… Along the series you also find a great evolution in the character. You will begin to see some moments with a more serious and loving Taiga (She’s just so cute!!!).


About Ryuuji, it’s hilarious that a guy who everyone thinks that he is a delinquent because of his eyes, in reality is a really calm and patient (AND PUT PATIENT IN THERE) boy! He also develops along the series and you will begin to see a more open and less outcasted Ryuuji!


The animation is also good! I love the characters design and expressions! They just suit their personalities really well! The voices are also really well done and there is not a moment where you think that “hmm… ok that wasn’t really that good!”. There also some backgrounds that are simply gorgeous and has that kind of modern anime sense to it, like the backgrounds being really polished and all that (Sorry, I never know how to write about this part XD I’m working on it though!!!)


I’m not really a person who thinks about the openings or closings of the animes, however I do think most of you care a little and I  write for you guys and girls, so I will start talking more about that xD (In he future I will write a post about why I don’t really like anime openings, but for now I’ll just talk about Toradora!). I’ve rewatched the openings for Toradora! and there are some things I like and others that I don’t. I like the fun of it, the colours and the animation just gives you a sense of refreshing and that you are going for a more light and funny anime, I also liked that it does not give any spoilers!!!! (One of the bad things about anime openings) The music… Well let’s say that I am not going to insert them in my playlist! :3

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So, let’s wrap up this review shall we? The main thing that makes me love the anime is the story and the characters evolution. You will start with an anime with lots of laughs and you will start seeing yourself falling in love for the characters (because they are so damn likeable), but then story starts to become more serious and I really liked how they made it work! It made me bingewatch the series and only really good animes make me do that ^.^

That’s all for today folks! Have you already watched Toradora! What’s your feelings about it? If not, are you thinking of giving it a try? xD I would also love to receive your feedback about the review!

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See ya soon! 😀

11 thoughts on “Anime number 4 – Toradora!

  1. I’m not a huge comedy fan, so I have to admit that it is not very high on my list of things to watch. That said, I did really enjoy reading your review. And really no worries: you are doing fine: your point for the backgrounds came across in a very good way, so it’s cool ?I usually love opening themes so I’m looking forward to reading your post why you are not liking them so much.
    Great review! ?

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback! I really appreciate it! I like to have some feedback to see if I am in doing a good job or if I need to change anything xP I am also looking forward to write it eheh

    2. A lot of people look to the comedy on this one, and while there is some, for me the romance aspect was far more interesting. If you’ve seen Golden Time, you would probably like this one Raistlin, it is better (though Golden Time had some big strengths that this does not).

  2. There’s a lot of love out there for this show. I only watched a cuople of episodes and put it on hold but it is on my eventual list of shows to go back and finish properly.

  3. Toradora! was pretty good. I love the Christmas episodes and there are some other pretty great moments. Unfortunately, the show drags a bit at points (especially on a rewatch) and the who ends up with who aspect is too telegraphed so it is a bit annoying at times that it takes so long to get there. Despite how it may sound, these are actually fairly minor issues.

    If you like this one you should consider checking out Golden Time, it is by the same person. Found it to be weaker, as it really wants to be this show, but it has some pretty big strengths that make up for it.

    1. Yeah you are right! However, contrary to other romantic animes I’ve seen I didn’t feel bored with the time it took to go there 😛
      Golden Time added to “want to watch” list! Thanks for the suggestion! I am always looking for new animes to watch ^.^

      1. I didn’t get bored per se but I definitely felt irritated at a few points and the show drags its heels a bit with certain episodes. Like I said though, minor issue.

        No problem! Glad you are going to give it a shot. I think you’ll enjoy it (even if it isn’t as good). Always happy to provide recommendations 🙂

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