Goblin Slayer Final Thoughts | Friendly Talks with Karandi

Goblin Slayer Final Thoughts | Friendly Talks with Karandi

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Winter Season just started and that means the Fall Season has ended. With that, it is also the end of my collab with Karandi. “Noooo!” I can hear you shouting… Well, don’t worry, we will come back next season 😛 we first want to get to know a little better in what is airing so we can make our choice! So, probably after episode 4, we will be back!! 😀

For now, I leave you with our final thoughts for Goblin Slayer first season! Don’t forget to comment down below your own thoughts on the show 😛

Goblin Slayer Final Thoughts

Goblin Slayer elf with bow

Hello there Karandi! Thanks for joining in again for one of our friendly talks! 🙂 It’s the last one of the season and I have to say that watching both Goblin Slayer and Dakaretai became way much more fun because of these conversations! 😀

If my mind is not playing with me, I think we stopped in episode 7 last time around. So, I think we could start this conversation with covering episode 8,9 and… 10.5… So basically the dragging part where we got episodes just to fill the time so we could get the climax by the end of the season 😛 What are your thoughts in this?

Hey Arthifis. It’s kind of sad that these shows have ended because you are right, it was a lot more fun watching both because of these talks. And you’re also right in that we’re up to episodes 8 and 9 (I’m not touching the recap episode because I just skipped through it to check if there was any new material and didn’t actually watch it).

It is interesting that these episodes felt like they were dragging. They come from a story much later in the light novels than the attack on the farm and so the characters technically should be further along and yet we’re kind of in an awkward place with them. I did like the start of episode 9 but largely found these episodes serviceable but not particularly interesting. What about you?

“It is just way too soon to be doing a recap”

Goblin Slayer cute

I’m with you. One thing that really made no sense to me Anime wise is how the characters seemed to have grown with no kind of explanation. But, since these episodes were from a later stage in the story, of course, the characters would be a little different.

I did watch the recap, just for the sake of reviewing it… To be honest, you did well in skipping it! First of all, it is just way too soon to be doing a recap. And, even the recap is not really that good. They went from the first adventure with the full party to the second with no kind of bridge between them which means that for someone who has not have seen Goblin Slayer at all, or didn’t remember anything from the series would just be plain confusing…

Goblin Slayer spearman cool

I mean those people are normally the ones who watch recaps, right? I do have to say that the part where the elf, lizardman, and dwarf explain to Goblin Slayer what is happening around the world made more sense now that I knew more of the story, so at least that was a good addition. But, the rest was really not that strong.

However, I do have to say that I enjoyed episode 10. It didn’t happen much, but it was nice to see Goblin Slayer in a more relaxed way.

But, well, do you think the end was good enough to compensate all this dragging and waiting? To be honest, I didn’t feel it was THAT great. It was good, but not perfect.

“I actually really loved the ending”

Goblin Slayer lizardmen pet dancing

actually really loved the ending but that’s probably because having read the light novels and wanting to see the end of novel one animated, and waiting the whole season as the story jumped all over the place, finally getting to my very favorite moment from the books was definitely a reward worth waiting for. And I think they did an excellent job bringing the scene to life. Goblin Slayer isn’t really about the spectacle of battle given Goblin Slayer himself goes about things in the most efficient way possible. It makes for a fairly dry battle sequence when everything goes to plan but at the same time, it is what I appreciate about the story. It isn’t relying on characters getting random power-ups mid-battle but using skills we know they have in interesting ways.

Goblin Slayer magic

Then again, I’ve kind of thought this all along, Goblin Slayer as an anime hasn’t been very kind of people who haven’t read the source and that is a problem. While I really had fun with it, this makes it really hard to recommend to others because it just isn’t good enough by itself.

I also kind of think it is sad the Priestess didn’t get more screen time and development. Her story is every bit as interesting as Goblin Slayer’s in the book and it makes her moment in this fight more rewarding. In the anime, she’s just kind of there and that feels like a wasted opportunity.

What did you think of the ending?

“By the end of the series, I really wasn’t scared for any of the characters”

Goblin Slayer priestess cool

I actually think a little bit different from you. It’s true Goblin Slayer does not go with the path of having characters powering up randomly in the middle of a fight. However, the battles always delivered interesting action and scenes. I mean, I loved when they decided to go with a Matrix moment. However, this ending did not deliver such a good/entertaining battle.

For me, the highest point is the Priestess moment. It just made me feel so happy for her. There she showed how much she has grown throughout the series. Moreover, Goblin Slayer idea of using her protection for an attack was an excellent move.

But, I’m with you. Instead of all this dragging, it would be nice to have more screen time with Priestess and have her grow right in front of our eyes. To be honest, by the end of the series I really wasn’t scared for any of the characters. Besides the Priestess and the High Elf, everyone could get killed that I wouldn’t really be that sad about it.

Goblin Slayer high elf cute

In fact, it would be extremely interesting to have Goblin Slayer die and have the Priestess stepping to his shoes and become the new Goblin Slayer. But, no… What we got was Goblin Slayer saying he wants to become an adventurer, which means that next season he will be killing other things besides goblins which makes me ask if the name Goblin Slayer will still fit the character.

Nonetheless, I did like the last part where they did the party. It was nice to see all of the characters together just happy and celebrating together. What do you think we will be having for the next season? Probably not more goblin slaying…

“Another season would be greatly appreciated”

Goblin Slayer bowing

I’m really hoping they aren’t kidding about returning because another season would be great (I just finished reading the 5th book in the series over the holidays and I’m loving where they are taking the story). That said, there’s always more goblins to kill. While I’d love to see some more variety (like taking on the beholder this season), the goblins are a great enemy because they have numbers and nasty little minds and very few other adventurers fight them.

Whichever way, while this anime series was decidedly average, it was still fun which is all I really expect from this kind of story so another season would be greatly appreciated.

However, I do want to mention something you brought up earlier. That matrix-like scene… I hated it. I just kept wondering why it was in this anime as it didn’t seem to fit at all and really did seem just to be glorifying the violence which was something I hadn’t felt in any of the other fights (even the first episode which some people felt was a little gratuitous).

What about you? What do you think will happen next?

“I always love when Anime shows try new things”

Goblin Slayer farm girl cute

Regarding the matrix scene… Really? I liked it! 😀 I think it was just to add that cool factor and experiment a little bit in what they could do. It did seem a little odd and out of place because of the 3D. But, at the same time, I always love when Anime shows try new things.

I really don’t know to be honest xD Since Goblin Slayer states he wants to be an adventurer than it means that, for him, just killing goblins is not enough to be one. So, I want to believe they will start fighting other things than Goblins. If we see, the last episode was basically killing the maximum Goblin there is, the Goblin King.

But, more than that, I don’t know. In fact, I believe the season finished very close. I mean, the Demon Lord is dead, they saved the village and everything is well. So, they can go any way they want.

Goblin Slayer village

I would also say Goblin Slayer was a pretty average Anime show. It started really strong but ended up losing itself in the middle. The story was a little all over the pace due to the cut and paste of future scenes from the books. And, to be honest, I think there were many other ways to spend the time that would be more interesting and important scenes to show than what we got.

Nevertheless, like you, if a second season happens to appear I will watch it! It was entertaining enough to do so 🙂

Are there any final remarks you want to add Karandi?

“I think Goblin Slayer is an anime that will quickly be forgotten”

Goblin Slayer kid

Not really. I think Goblin Slayer is an anime that will quickly be forgotten by a large chunk of the community because other than the fuss the first episode caused, there’s really nothing about it as an anime that is going to stick and even the first episode fuss died down very quickly after it aired. That said, it is a fairly solid fantasy/adventure anime provided you don’t mind the story being grounded to an individual who isn’t looking to save the world.

I am really glad we watched it together this season. It has definitely been fun.

I don’t know about that… The truth is, Goblin Slayer was able to get some strong (and a little bit toxic) fandom. Normally those Anime shows tend to survive for some time. However, they will have to come out with season 2 fast or I think it will eventually die out!

I agree with you 100%! I actually was thrilled while watching it and making mental notes about things I wanted to discuss with you! Thank you for taking the time to do this collab this Winter Season eheh 🙂

And that’s it, folks! I hope you had as much fun following this collab as we did when creating it! 😀 Please, let down below your comments! Only with your feedback, we will know if this was something worth your while or not!

Also, don’t forget to check our final thoughts about Dakaretai at Karandi’s place!

Goblin Slayer cowgirl and priestess cute
See You Soon! 😀


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