Is the Anime Movie BlackFox Good?

Is the Anime Movie BlackFox Good?

Hello everyone, and welcome to our shelter 🙂 Today I bring to you the Anime movie – BlackFox. It’s a bummer that Anime films take so long before they become available to us, westerns. I always make a list of movies that I want to watch every season, then they only get available months later, and I completely forget about them. Fortunately, Blackfox actually came around fast and I’m able to review it during the 2019 Fall Season.

What Is BlackFox About?

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Technical Sheet

Studio: Studio 3Hz
Duration: 1:30h
Genre: Action
Source: Original

Where To Watch BlackFox?



Rikka Isurugi spent her childhood both learning how to be a ninja with her grandfather, and a peaceful, intelligent girl with her father. Allen Isurugi, her father, is a respected scientist who created animal robots that can speak, think, and feel like humans. However, contrary to his colleagues, he didn’t want to use his invention for war and left the lab where he worked.

Some years later, one of his friends come back, and not in a pleasant way. While coming back for her birthday, Rikka finds her how completely upside down and full of blood. After a little bit of research, she discovers what happened, her father’s former colleagues came back to get his creation, in the hard way. All of her family is killed in the process, and she swears revenge.

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BlackFox Overall Opinion

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BlackFox kind of reminds me of the usual western superheroes’ stories. You know, someone has superhuman strength, one (or various) relatives dies, and the main character swears to revenge. Of course, the villains are important people in society, making it even more challenging to bring them to justice. Spoiler alert, I’m not very fond of western superheroes.

The thing with BlackFox, like every superheroes’ movie I’ve watched so far, is that there is no time to bond with the characters. It started strong, I tell you that, but I found myself getting a little bit bored here and there. While the action is pretty lit, and the animation of the fighting scenes are awesome, the rest didn’t impress that much.

BloackFox Mia Lighting Attack

For example, there is an interesting friendship that develops through the movie that could have made me get those feelings out. However, since the movie had to push forward, there was no time to build my attachment with the characters. Because of this, things ended up being abrupt for my taste, and I really think a lot of the possible potential was wasted throughout the Anime.

I normally start watching Anime completely blind – I don’t even read the synopsis. Sometimes it works great, others, not so much. Unfortunately, if I knew from the start that BlackFox will probably have a sequel, I would probably enjoy it more. Truth enough, now that I finished the Anime, I feel that there is not enough to further develop to get one hour more of the story. But, I can (hopefully) be proven wrong.

Is BlackFox Worth Watching?

BlackFox Rikka Cool

Although I’m not thrilled with BlackFox, I still believe it’s good enough to spend your time on. The animation of both the action scenes as well as the background is gorgeous. Music-wise and voice-acting-wise, things also work well and are engaging enough.

Yes, the story could indeed be better. The same goes for the characters that could have gotten a better development. Nonetheless, if you watch BlackFox for the action (it is the Anime’s genre), you won’t be disappointed.

What about you? Have you watched BlackFox? What are your thoughts on it? Tell me everything in the comments!

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