The Ultimate Guide for 2019 Anime Winter Season

The Ultimate Guide for 2019 Anime Winter Season

Hello everyone and welcome to the Anime Shelter! 🙂

I know, we are already in April… Yes, I know that everyone is already thinking on the Spring Season. Winter Season is already a been there done that… However, you may have passed an Anime that you would like without noticing. Or maybe, you are a binge watcher and prefer to watch everything in one go after the Anime is fully released than watch it on a weekly basis.

Whichever the case, well I created the Ultimate Seasonal Guide once again. To be honest, I did it because I love to do it. And, since I’ve done it, heck, might as well share it with you guys! 😀

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For the ones who have been following me enough time to read my Fall Season Ultimate Guide, I have to say that most of it is different. The design took a big update and is way more eye appealing. Moreover, I decided to go with a 0-10 score. Here’s the sample PDF so you understand the gist of it 🙂

Contrary to last time, this time I won’t be just giving you the link on the post! The guide is still free and you can get it here! However, contrary to the last time you will need to subscribe to my newsletter (for the ones who have already subscribed you should look at your email because the guide should be there) XD

Why Do You Need To Subscribe To The Newsletter

2019 Anime Winter Season

Well, most of you here are probably already following me on WordPress, so why should you subscribe to the newsletter?

Well, first of all, not always you will be able to find my posts on the WP Reader. As you know, there are always bugs happening here and there and sometimes my posts just don’t appear on the reader. But, there’s more!

If you are following me on WordPress, then you probably get an email every time I post something… Same happens with everyone else’s’ blogs. Well, if it’s like me, you will end up with a bunch of emails every single day and you don’t even read them.

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Well, by subscribing to my newsletter you can be sure that you won’t be spammed every single freaking day! My idea is to send a weekly email with whatever I have written on the said week as also some things that will only come out through email 😉

Moreover, there is another side project I’m working on that I hope to have it finished by the end of April and I think it will be nice for you to get updates on that side now and then!

So, yeah guys, if you want to look up my first impressions in every single Anime debuting on the 2019 Winter Season, you can do it here! Hopefully, it’s interesting enough for you to make the step of subscribing to my newsletter teehee!

Have a wonderful day and we will talk soon! 🙂

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