2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu Episode 12 (Final) Discussion & Gallery

2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu Episode 12 (Final) Discussion & Gallery

The ball was in!!! It seems that 2.43: Seiin Koukou no Danshi Volley-bu season two will focus on the team going to Nationals rather than starting from zero. Honestly, they deserve it! Even if Subaru is better than most of Seiin’s players, there’s no doubt that the protagonists’ team has better teamwork.

The final episode was actually kind of slow. But, considering that we had the most climatic game in the previous episode, it makes sense. In this case, it’s not about winning the last game to get to Nationals but more about the aftermath. The episode focuses especially on Haijima, who still needs to find his main objective in life. It’s funny that Subaru was the one who helped him find it.

No longer is Haijima working towards the Nationals’ finals. His objective is far more challenging than that. He’s going to work hard to make sure he (together with his ace – Yuni) is placed on the Japanese National volleyball team. I believe this is the best way to go around his story, and it would be awesome to see Haijima, Yuni, and Subaru playing in the same team.

Before that, season two will most likely focus on Nationals, where Seiin will encounter even stronger teams. For an Anime that started too dramatic for its own good, it ended on a good note and made me excited to watch the next season. Did you enjoy 2.43: Seiin Koukou no Danshi Volley-bu episode 12? Tell me everything down below. ?

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