Beastars Season 2 Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

Beastars Season 2 Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

I love what they’re doing with Beastars. The characters get more complex each episode. It’s amazing how the authors seem so spot-on on what herbivorous and carnivorous alike would go through if they were to live in a peaceful society together. In this episode, the trophy goes obviously to Legoshi. Now that he has finally conquered his lust for meat, he ends up in another dead end where he has become far weaker due to his training. It makes sense, though. In the last episode, people had already mentioned that he had gotten thinner, and it was clear as day that he was sleeping less than he should. So, it’s no surprise that he no longer has a strong jaw like before.

I also adored Legoshi and Haru’s conversation. Again, it just shows how complex and human the characters are. I would say that Legoshi asking to marry that way would scare anyone off, but you can clearly see that Haru ends up accepting her own way. I wonder how their kids will look like, though – maybe they’re going to be the parents of an evolved species? I mean, it’s not like a rabbit getting pregnant from a wolf is possible in the real world, so I don’t have anything to work with. I guess the kids will be anything that the authors want them to be. I do hope they address that ‘small’ issue before the season ends.

Finally, Louis. He’s probably the most complex character of them all. You can’t really understand his objective or if he’s a bad or a good guy. We just know that he’s doing everything in his power to free himself from the ‘weaknesses’ of being herbivorous. He’s failing so far, but I love how his right arm in the lion group respects him so much. Did you like Beastars season 2, episode 6? Tell me everything down below. ?

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