Horimiya Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

Horimiya Episode 6 Discussion & Gallery

Horimia’s episode 6 was an interesting one. Of course, the scene I loved the most was Myamura’s kiss, which (like Hori) wasn’t expecting at all. But the episode had far more than just that. Even though I still don’t understand Hori’s father’s role in the family, it’s clear that he wants the best for his daughter. So, the scene where he sleeps in the same room with Myamura to have the possibility to ask him why he loves his daughter was heartwarming. Especially because Hori’s dad was happy with Myamura’s answer.

I didn’t like the scenes about people talking about Miyamura and Hori’s relationship that much, though. I know it’s quite realistic, considering that teenagers are known for speaking about others on their back and saying whatever it comes to their mind, no matter how hurtful. It was nice to see Myamura cutting his hair to make people stop talking – not because of him, but because he was worried about Hori. Considering that the hair is like a barrier for him, it does count a lot. Still, I liked the character’s design way more when he had his long hair.

Finally, the new kid who’s in love with Hori might be a bit obnoxious, but I like her. The scene where Miyamura and the girl discovered they were neighbors was hilarious, and the scene where the guy saved her from those punks was heartwarming. Did you enjoy Horimiya’s episode 6? Tell me everything down below. ?

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