Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 2 Discussion & Gallery

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 2 Discussion & Gallery

I love it when an Anime is able to perfectly mix between fighting scenes and story/character evolution. Jujutsu Kaisen episode 2 is the perfect example of that. It starts with some nice moves, then goes into Yuuji’s character, and it ends with another small battle. In fact, while the exam combat to enter the exorcists’ high school is happening, we actually see character evolution, as well. So, you can even say that you can get both exciting animation and character development at the same time.

We also finally got to see more of Satoru (the mysterious character that showed up at the beginning of the first episode), and I’m already in love with him. I love comprehensive characters that can be strong, silly, cute, and serious simultaneously. He also looks really cool, so that’s a plus. I also liked the idea of the story going full circle, i.e., after the school’s situation is finally solved, we arrive at the first scene of episode 1. Of course, things aren’t as dire as it seemed to be at first, but the main character couldn’t be executed on episode two, right?

Lastly, the Anime unveils more about the main plotline – Yuuji is going to join the exorcists’ school and hunt for Sukuma’s remaining eight fingers to eat them. Basically, the idea is to make Yuuji Sukuma’s complete vessel and then execute them. So, it seems Yujji is bound to die somewhere down the line. Hopefully, that’s not going to happen, as I really think he deserves better. Well, we’ll see how it goes. Did you enjoy Jujutsu Kaisen’s episode 2? Tell me everything in the comments down below ?

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        1. True xD though the main character here seems to be somewhat in control… But yeah, maybe the author got some inspiration from Naruto. The similarities are too many

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