Kai Byoui Ramune Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery

Kai Byoui Ramune Episode 3 Discussion & Gallery

Kai Byoui Ramune’s episode 3 was a bit different than the others. This time around, we didn’t get a patient per se, but someone who ended up being used by a mysterious artifact. It was a nice change of pace that brought some dynamism to the Anime. Although I wouldn’t have any problem if Kai Byoui Ramune followed the same formula over and over again, it’s nice to see that the authors are trying to mix things up a little bit.

But what I enjoyed the most about this episode wasn’t the main issue at hand, neither the over 100-year-old grandma who looks like a kid. No – what I liked the most was how they introduced the blind character – Nico. I mean, they gave us all the clues we needed. He had to touch Kuro to understand his height, and he had to knock in the wood to understand where the teacups were. However, it actually came as a surprise when Ayame said he was blind. Maybe that was just me, though. But it felt that the Anime can very well have similar scenes in the future that will blow my mind. Did you enjoy Kai Byoui Ramune’s episode 3? Tell me everything down below. ?

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