Kemono Jihen Episode 9 Discussion & Gallery

Kemono Jihen Episode 9 Discussion & Gallery

I’m happy that Shiki is going to continue working on the detectives’ office. Still, he didn’t really have much to do with the latest mission Kabane had to complete. Instead, the show focused on a love triangle between Kon, Aya, and Kabane. Was this love triangle necessary? Well, maybe not for the main plot, but it was interesting to see Kon trying to understand her own feelings. Since she has the same problem as Kon of being emotionless, this love triangle might make her come out of her shell.

The beginning of the episode was far more interesting and endearing. Shiki’s arc got a nice closure, and I’m happy that he has received Aya with open arms. The three of them make a lovely family, and it’s awesome that Shiki will have his happy ending. Not to toot my own horn, but it does seem that I was correct. Shiki is going to stay with the other protagonists until Kabane finds the location of his parents.

I do wonder where the Anime is going from here. It’s clear that there aren’t enough episodes to actually finish the story, and I’m guessing a second season will be required for Kabane to find his family. So, I’m curious to see what this last arc will be about. It’s not like we got any hints of what is going to be the next arc. Did you enjoy Kemono Jihen’s episode nine? Tell me everything down below. ?

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