Sk8 the Infinity Episode 9 Discussion & Gallery

Sk8 the Infinity Episode 9 Discussion & Gallery

Since SK8 the Infinity continues to focus on the skating championship, it’s normal that most of the episode is spent on skating races. There’s really not much to say about them besides that both races (Langa versus Joe and Cherry Blossom versus Adam) had over-the-top visuals. The thing I love the most about this Anime is how different each character skating moves are. While Joe uses his massive strength to gain speed and make tight turns, Langa takes advantage of its snowboarding experience to make some crazy jumps. Now, I do have to ask something – how the hell is it ok for Adam to pick his skateboard and hit Cherry Blossom in the face with it? I know this is an underground championship, but that’s just cheating all the way! I mean, if that’s ok, even I could win the championship. I would just need to get a gun and headshot all of my opponents.

It’s funny how Reki was the start of the show when he didn’t even skate, though. He was already a complex character, but episode nine made him even more three-dimensional. The inner fight he’s having right now is extremely well executed. He almost seemed ready to sit on the sidelines and be Langa’s number one fan. However, his love for skating is just too strong for him to be completely ok about it. I wonder how is Langa going to win him over before the finals. Let’s face it, as episode nine showed, Langa isn’t able to skate that well without Reki supporting him. I can’t wait for the next episode. Did you enjoy Sk8 the Infinity’s episode nine? Tell me everything down below. ?

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