Tatoeba Last Dungeon Episode 9 Discussion & Gallery

Tatoeba Last Dungeon Episode 9 Discussion & Gallery

If Tatoeba Last Dungeon might have been too random for some in its earlier episodes, the same cannot be said about this arc. It’s clear what is happening and what are the main objectives of this new villain. Still, episode nine left a lot in the dark, which is perfect for keeping everyone interested in watching the end of the Anime.

It’s true that the pace was a bit fast, though. Unlike the other characters’ arcs where we had an episode full of jokes and nothing serious happening, this last section of the Anime went right into it. Even so, there’s still no explanation for the villains’ motives. On the one hand, the reason why Shoma wants Sou to succeed is muddy, at best. On the other hand, it’s still not clear why Sou wants to open the way to Lloyd’s hometown. For now, the only thing we know is that both come from the same village and are against Alka’s idea of protecting the last dungeon.

There was more action in this episode than in previous ones, which showed that the Anime has the ability to run some awesome action scenes. Without a doubt, the best part was when Lloyd was walking through the treant’s branches, which was extremely well executed. Obviously, the Anime also delivered some funny jokes throughout the episode, and I was surprised to know that Selen’s belt was created by Alka, using the snake guardian skin. Not in a million years would I imagine something like that. Did you enjoy Tatoeba Last Dungeon’s episode nine? Tell me everything down below. ?

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